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Our commercial glass & dishwashers, cutlery polishers and glass polishers meet all sanitising requirements, our detergents, chemicals and hard surface sanitisers are available for all your kitchen, bathroom & laundry cleaning and sanitising, and our uPang Sterilizers are available to sterilize your handheld devices i.e mobile phones etc along with baby bottles, toys, office equipment and much much more.

Commercial dishwashers and supplies to suit your application!

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We have equipment to suit most applications and our industry experienced consultants will work with you to ensure you get the correct commercial dishwasher, glass washer,  pot washer or conveyor washer, Cutlery Polisher or Combi Ovens for your site and situation.

We also have the correct detergents and chemicals to use with your equipment.

At Warewashing Solutions we are continually looking into different equipment, as we want to be able to offer the best product and range to you.

Our aim is to provide you with the glass washer, commercial dishwasher, washing machine or clothes dryer that is suitable for your site, situation & budget – with this in mind we have researched the market & added selected items from

Meiko * Washtech / Moffat * Middleby – Goldstein / Eswood * Hobart * Speed Queen * Norris * Sammic * Tamai Food Equipment * Cutlery Star * Warewashing Solutions * Hyppocampus

For all enquiries please contact us direct

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Hobart has just introduced the WORLD’s 1st

2 chamber commercial dishwasher

The World's 1st 2 chamber commercial dishwasher

Speed up your washing time without needing any extra space!

-The TLW is a pass through & an underbench in one unit-

Need more dishwashing capabilities but just don’t have any extra space!

Double capacity: The TLW provides twice the capacity of a conventional hood-type dishwasher, thanks to an additional wash chamber – but with the same space requirement.
Maximum flexibility: Simultaneous washing of different wash ware, such as porcelain dishes, cutlery or cooking utensils, in two separate wash chambers.

“This is a super innovative dishwasher that has not been available on the market before – an absolute world first,” reveals Manfred Kohler, Vice President Sales and Manufacturing of HOBART GmbH .

With its compact design, the TLW does not require more space in the scullery than a conventional pass through dishwasher.

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Whilst we service the hospitality industry including cafes, pubs, clubs, bistros and restaurants we have commercial dishwashers to suit many other industries, such as:

Child care centres and pre-schools,

Community centres,
Aged care,
Corporate and office kitchens,
School canteens and cafeteria’s,
Food Technology classrooms in schools and TAFE

For our Sydney metro & region clients, we offer on-site consultation, comparisons between brands and models, smooth purchase, right through to delivery, install, detergent / rinse aid supply and setup, on-site staff training and machine “cheat” sheet.

Although we are based in Sydney, we ship machines, accessories and parts throughout Australia.

We ship equipment throughout Australia via recognised freight companies, we also consult, offer brand and model comparisons, supply a smooth purchase and can arrange delivery with full tracking. If you require installation, we can also offer trades recommendations or over the phone technical advice.

So, if you have the application, we probably have the equipment for you.

Why Choose Warewashing Solutions for Commercial Dishwasher Machines

If you’re in the market for a new commercial grade dishwasher, then you’ve come to the right place. Warewashing Solutions has more than 20 years’ experience supplying commercial kitchens in Australia with industrial-grade dishwashers. Whatever your needs, we have a dishwasher to suit – and we intend to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right model.

As you’ll see from the listings on this page, we have dishwashers to suit any size and scale of operations – from the smallest café through to the largest cafeterias and food halls – you can also refer to our Pass Through or  Industrial Dishwasher pages. But before you get started looking at specific models, let’s pause to consider the most important variables to look at when buying a commercial washer system.  

Know the Jargon for Commercial-Grade Dishwashers

One of the first things you’re likely to notice when shopping around for a commercial dishwasher is that these machines have their own dedicated terminology. In fact, one of those industry terms is found in our company name. It may even be what brought you to this site in the first place.

Within the industry, commercial dishwashers are often called ‘warewashing machines’ or even just ‘warewashers’. These are, after all, the machines use to wash your wares – everything from flatware and silverware to pots, pans and other utensils.

It’s worth noting that some restaurants and kitchens will also purchase a separate glass washer. These are particularly useful in bars or similar establishments where a high volume of glasses also need to be washed.

However, any commercial dishwasher of the type found here in our shop can also clean glassware. These all-around washing machines are indispensable in modern kitchens.

What to Look for in a Commercial Dishwasher

In the course of shopping around for a new commercial dishwasher, there are three primary attributes to look for.

On-the-Job Efficiency

The fastest and most reliable commercial dishwashers have a competitive edge in the industry. You want your machine to hold as many dirty dishes and wares as possible – and then to be able to clean them quickly. Of course, speed isn’t worth much if the dishes aren’t getting clean, so you need a quality machine that offers a thorough cleaning. Begin by determining what and how many dishes your kitchen goes through during peak periods, and select your machine accordingly. The staff at Warewashing Solutions can assist with this selection process.

Ease of Use

Any commercial dishwasher worth its salt is going to score high in the ease-of-use category. There’s always going to be reasonable turnover in the kitchen staff of Australia, and it’s important that your newly hired dishwasher is able to quickly learn how to operate your establishment’s dishwasher machine. The more intuitive it is to operate, the less time you’ll need to waste training staff. Ideally, you want a machine with ‘set it and forget it’ capabilities. All the dishwasher needs to do in this case is slide in the racks and press a button.

Sanitation Standards

The food safety standards set out by Safe Food Australia establish certain criteria for commercial dishwashers and the level of sanitation they should be able to achieve when cleaning dishes. When these standards are observed, implements that have been washed will be clean, sanitary and sterile. The problem is that not all warewashers live up to these standards. But at Warewashing Solutions, all of our commercial dishwashers are manufactured in accordance with the prevailing food safety standards. You can shop confidently with us.

Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Dishwasher

Securing the best commercial dishwasher to suit your company is really only a matter of matching a machine’s specs to your operations. Of course, this is a lot easier when you know the industry inside out and have an in-depth knowledge of each ware-washer available.

But never fear – the team at Warewashing Solutions is ready to assist. We’re experts in our field and can help you take all of the variables into account. For example, if your budget is tight, we’ll guide you to a no-frills, high-value machine that can keep up with your projected throughput of dirty dishes.

Likewise, all you have to do is let us know which features you value the most. We can easily tell you which machines are known for, say, quiet operation versus high-capacity loads, or minimal loading requirements versus high configurability.

If you’re not sure precisely what your needs are, begin by getting in touch with us. We help customers find the perfect commercial dishwasher machines for their purposes on a daily basis, and we’re eager to do the same for you. You can contact us through the website for more information, or call us directly on 1300 217 411 to learn more.


For more reasons to purchase from Warewashing Solutions, head on over to our Reviews page

“If you need help with your dishwashing machines, you’ve found the best company in Sydney to help you out. I run a busy asian restaurant and was in dire need for a dishwashing solution, called WWS and Roger came to the rescue. He has the experience and knowledge second to none. An extremely honest, professional, knowledgeable and sincere trades man I’ve ever met…..and I’ve met many. Call Roger and I guarantee you’ll be happy…ps my dinnerware and mugs are sparkling. Cheers.”

Kesh Dhami – PappaRich, Chatswood

“Thank you Roger for being committed to finishing a job! After having some setbacks from a supplier, Roger spent a couple of nights in the kitchen to ensure we were ready for the busy long weekend!!!! Absolute Legend!”

“Hi Rosie & Roger, Just letting you know that we all are very much enjoying the new dishwasher. Goes like a dream, our cook is very happy. Many thanks for all your help and support and apology’s for install day – It’s normally not that dramatic around here.”

Sue Usback – Girrawong Preschool Inc.,

“Hi Rosie,
Thank you for the sheet yesterday. I love the dishwasher and it has just made my life so much less stressed. I posted the photo unto your facebook page & will keep telling my friends about your company. I was so impressed the first day Roger came to see us as it was about an hour between Cindi’s phone call and Roger turning up. In the commercial world, we are small and I have found the bigger companies not pushing themselves to much for us.”

Lynette – Shadforth Cottage, Mosman


Your service is excellent, delivery was on time and the installation technician was very good, he took the time to explain everything and was very patient and helpful.

Could not ask for better

You are welcome to edit and post this if you want to. Cheers, Dilip

Dilip, Tank Management
Great service and the product does everything it promised.
Garry Harvey
Garry Harvey
Excellent service
Allison Terrell
Allison Terrell, RCPAQAP
Grant, Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club
Very helpful and efficient. No problems encountered.
Nick McKern
Nick McKern, RSL Lifecare
Quotient 2 days ago  
I found Rosie to be so helpful when we were obtaining information about which would be the most suitable dishwasher for us. Nothing was too much trouble and everything flowed smoothly and happened just as Rosie said it would. The installer Roger was also great to deal with. His knowledge about the machine he was installing and the useful tips he gave us were wonderful. We are very happy with our new machine and have confidence that if we have any concerns or issues that they too will be dealt with promptly and equally professionally.
Kerrie Brice  – St Matthews Anglican Church, West Pennant Hills NSW 2125

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