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Commercial Grade Dishwashers – suitable for the smallest cafe right up to large turnover restaurants, school canteens, function centres and also dishwashers suitable for school, home technology classrooms and corporate offices. Here at Warewashing Solutions we believe that buying a dishwasher is not just one size fits all, meaning not every dishwasher is suitable for every application.      Call us to discuss your options 1300 217 411
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Under Bench / Under Counter Commercial Dishwashers

Find a Quality Commercial Under Bench Dishwasher at Warewashing Solutions

For commercial kitchens with limited space, such as cafés, smaller restaurants, childcare with up to 60 placements etc, finding quality equipment that makes the best use of the available area is always one of the top priorities. A great way of saving on space while also ensuring your kitchen is fully equipped with the kind of powerful and reliable equipment which enables it to run smoothly is to invest in a commercial undercounter dishwasher.

The dishwasher is one of the most important machines in a commercial kitchen, making it possible for large numbers of used plates and cutlery to be ready again in just a matter of minutes – something which is vital during a busy service when everyone is pushed for time and resources. And when you choose a commercial dishwasher for undercounter use, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a top-quality restaurant dishwasher without having to worry about making sacrifices in terms of workspace.

Discover Our Range of Quality Products and Our Personalised Service

Despite being smaller in size and able to be conveniently fitted out of the way under your existing worktops, commercial undercounter dishwashers are nonetheless extremely powerful and efficient. Here at the Warewashing Solutions , you will find plenty of excellent under bench dishwashers and undercounter glass washers available at highly competitive prices, with some of them offering a capacity of more than 1,000 plates an hour.

Our business has been trading for over twenty years, and during this time we have taken great pride in building up a strong range of products and services which make us one of the most popular commercial kitchen retailers in the country. We have worked with organisations ranging from local schools and cafes to large canteens, food halls and high-end restaurants, helping them to acquire the tools and equipment they need to ensure that their staff can work efficiently even during the busiest of services.

But the service we provide is about more than simply offering quality products at competitive prices – it is about working with each individual customer to help them find the solutions that are right for their kitchen and their needs. So if you need any help or assistance when it comes to making your decision regarding the right dishwasher for your kitchen, just speak to a member of our highly knowledgeable and experienced team, who are always happy to offer any guidance they can.

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If you would like to find out more information about any of the products listed on our website or you have any other queries regarding the services we can provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch via telephone or using the online form available on our website and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.
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Gravity drain dishwashers require the drain hose at the rear to be lower than the dishwasher (refer image)

gravity drain dishwasher

Looking after our environment!

There are now fewer Gravity Drain machines being manufactured with most of the manufacturers opting for the convenience of the drain pump models plus the power & water saving provided by these options

Optional Accessories

Detergents & chemicals

Det & chems image

Dishwasher Racks

dishwasher racks & accessories

S/S Drip Trays

Dishwasher rack Drip Tray

Dishwasher stand

stands for glass and dishwashers

Plate inserts

plate inserts

Cutlery – 8 pocket8 pkt cutlery bskt

Cutlery canister stainless steel cutlery canister

Our Warewashing Solutions website includes a number of useful items to download.

Simplified instruction sheets for most of the dishwashers can be found when clicking on the individual product

Note: Equipment dimensions may change without notice in accordance with the manufacturer’s product design and development