CURRENT MATTERS – CoronaVirus Business resources

Thank you to SilverChef who have put together this great resource package to keep us all up to date:

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is unprecedented, and we’re saddened to see the Australian hospitality industry hit so hard. SilverChef is here to support you – our customers and partners – through these difficult times… and we’ll still be here to support you when the recovery begins. For now, we’ve put together this list of useful and reliable resources to help you. From ensuring you do the right thing by your staff, to bringing your hygiene practices up-to-date, it’s all here.

Coronavirus Business Information and Assistance

Keep up to date with the latest advice and assistance from government, business advisers and industry associations.

Australian & State Governments – Coronavirus information and support for business

Australian Tax Office – Support measures to assist those affected by COVID-19

Restaurant & Catering Australia – Federal Government Stimulus Fact Sheet

Restaurant & Catering Australia – Coronavirus Information Hub

SilverChef – Business Support Webinars

Grant Thornton – Australian Govt $17.6b stimulus package with links to govt documents

NZ Restaurant Association – Advice for members on the coronavirus outbreak

Restaurants Canada – Navigating coronavirus: resources for foodservice operators

US Restaurant Association – Coronavirus Information and Resources

Health Information and Advice

Rely on trusted sources for the latest information, and keep your staff informed.

World Health Organisation – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance

Australian Dept of Health – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

ABC News – Coronavirus updates

Advice about Employment Issues

Managing your staff will need close attention – obtain advice from FairWork, industry associations and your legal adviser.

Fairwork Australia – Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws

Safe Work Australia –Coronavirus advice for business operators

Social Security for Staff – Job Seeker Benefit and Sickness Allowance

A Lawyer’s Advice – What Employees Need to Know About Coronavirus

Restaurant & Catering Assoc – Workplace Relations – Frequently Asked Questions

Resources for Staff Training and Information

It’s time to step up the training of all staff, both kitchen, front of house and management.

What Hospitality Trainers Can Do – PDF guide to resources

How to Wash Your Hands (video 37 secs.) and Handwashing101 (video 2.5 mins.)

How to protect yourselfagainst COVID-19 (video 100 sec.) World Health Organisation

Coronavirus in the Workplace (video 34 min.) World Health Organisation

How Hospitality & Restaurant Trainers can Work Remotely

Hygiene & Food Safety Posters