A recirculating glasswasher uses less water per cycle and is more energy efficient than the NON-recirculating glass washers

SW400 glasswasher

Eswood WS-SW400 – 

The SmartWash 400 glasswasher / compact dishwasher can fit neatly into a cupboard space making it suitable for areas tight on space…
Wash chamber height – 325 mm / 3 wash cycles. 60 / 90 / 120 seconds / Water consumption – 1.9 litres / cycle



Eswood WS-B42GN

Recirculating Glasswasher with pump-power, wash temperature boost and detergent pump.

Selectable cooling cycle
Ext Dimensions – 510mm w x 550mm d x 870mm h

Optional items can be fitted – Drain pump / rinse pump / Rinse and drain pump



Recirculating front load under counter Glasswasher

Cold rinse cycle, gravity drain. Temperature booster and detergent pump.

Ext Dimensions – 605mm w x 660mm d x 870mm h

Rack size 500 x 500mm

Optional items can be fitted – Drain pump – Model WS-UC25NG DP


Eswood Glass Washers – NON-Recirculating

Eswood – WS-IW-3N Glass washer

  • 25 second hot cycle
  • Selectable cold rinse
  • 45 second hot and cold cycle
  • Water consumption – 7 litres water per hot cycle / + 3 litres when cold rinse is used
  • up to 1800 glasses per hour
  • Ext Dimensions: 510 x 550 x 870mm
  • Basket dimensions: 360 x 430 mm (17″x 14″)ike more INFO – Complete the contact form below and we’ll have someone call you back to discuss your requirements.

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