“Buying the right commercial or industrial dishwashing or glasswashing equipment is all about selecting the best machine for your site conditions, including power, water and drainage for your individual business requirements….”

A combination of speed, efficiency and performance is at the top of most customers’ requirements, as dirty dishware that can be cleaned as quickly as possible, before being returned to service, is the key to being able to meet the demands of your customers.

Other considerations include the running costs of your industrial dishwasher; both in terms of electricity consumption as well as the volume and associated ongoing costs of the sanitising agents required to operate it. You have the physical space constraints of your commercial kitchen where you would typically locate your dishwasher which need to be taken into account.

As Sydney’s industrial dishwasher experts, we can provide you with the guidance you need to find the dishwasher that is going to be the best fit for your requirements. We have first-hand experience of all the well-known warewasher manufacturers in this space – resulting in impartial advice that stands to benefit only you.

If you know you need an industrial dishwasher but require further input on your options, start by getting in touch with us. Simply call us today to speak to a consultant or send us an email through our contact form with your query and we’ll respond with the information you need.


About Us

With over 20 years industry experience and strong “hands on” knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment, we are pleased to be known as a Warewashing Specialist in the glass washer, commercial dishwasher and polisher industry.

We understand warewashing equipment – from the small under-bench glass washer / commercial dishwasher, to pass-through dishwashers, including pot and Utensil washers, right through to the big boys – the Industrial Dishwashers such as conveyor and system washers.

We offer commercial dishwasher and glasswasher sales along with service, chemicals and the accessories to suit the warewashing industry.

Our range of Commercial Dishwashers and glasswashers are sourced from local and international manufacturers to ensure we have the best equipment for your requirements.

Our range of Cutlery Polishers are sourced from Italy and Taiwan.

Our range of Laundry Equipment is from Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment – The Worlds Number One Manufacturer of Commercial Laundry .

Our comprehensive range of glass washers and commercial dishwashers are suitable for restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafe’s, office kitchens, corporate kitchens, child care and aged care centres, schools, councils and community centres.

RosieSales / Operations Manager
With a background in display and advertising, mixing in a little corporate international removals and a solid sales and customer service knowledge, Rosie is here to help with your commercial kitchen and laundry equipment purchases.

Over the past 11 years, Rosie has learnt which equipment works best for most situations.

If Rosie can’t help you with your enquiry, then she will be able to get the answer back to you promptly.

RogerTechnical Manager / Sales
A background in Electrical Engineering and a love of machinery, Roger has worked with jumbo jets right down to the simplest washing machine or coffee machine.
Roger adds technical know-how and strong industry knowledge which comes from having run his own catering equipment company in the NSW Snowy Mountains, and his years of being NSW State Manager of both Hobart Food Equipment & J L Lennard Food Equipment before venturing out on his own. Roger is available for your technical questions and sales advice based upon experience and strong product knowledge with all brands on the most suitable equipment for your site, situation and budget.
Joining the team early Feb, 2017, Rikki brings “fresh eyes” to Warewashing Solutions.
Coming from the travel industry, and with a history in telecommunications, she can help with your sales and customer service enquries.

In addition to the commercial kitchen and laundry equipment, Rikki looks after our uPang Sterilizers – Get in touch with Rikki to see how one of these can simplify your life!


Joining the team July, 2019, Greg brings more organization to the warehousing sector of Warewashing Solutions.

Coming from the IT industry, Greg has managed to help streamline our warehouse, along with improving our packing and delivery service.