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PROFI CS Rack conveyor

Note: Equipment dimensions may change without notice in accordance with the manufacturer’s product design and development

Utilise Our Expertise to Find the Right Industrial Dishwasher for Your Business

Warewashing Solutions possess over 30 years of experience in offering advice and the supply of industrial grade dishwashers to commercial businesses in Sydney.

Equipping your restaurant, cafeteria, bakery or hotel with the right industrial dishwasher which satisfies the requirements of your business can be difficult, as the research and buying process is far more involved than that of the type of dishwasher you would buy for your home.

Rather than just sell you any industrial dishwasher, we will work with you to ascertain your requirements and provide you with the advice you need to feel confident that the industrial warewasher you buy from us is up to the task – in turn providing you with years of reliable and efficient service. On top of that, we will also install the dishwasher and supply and set up the detergents.

A Detailed Overview of Industrial Dishwashers

Industrial dishwashers fall into a variety of categories. Pot / Utensil washers, Rack Conveyors and Flight Machines.

Each washer that sits in one of these categories will still require both washing detergent as well as rinsing chemicals – the difference being in how they work to clean your dishware – time, volume and space available

  • High Temperature Dishwashers

High temperature industrial dishwashers wash your dishes with water which is heated to a temperature of around 60 – 65 degrees Celsius, before being rinsed with water that is even hotter at around 82+ degrees Celsius.

Due to the temperatures involved, the majority of the cleaning power provided by these warewashers is done so through high temperature sanitising, essentially killing bacteria and removing dirt through the power of hot water.  

Due to the nature of these dishwashers, they may require additional fixtures and fittings which you wouldn’t normally associate with domestic dishwashers, such as a condensate hood which removes the excess steam and condensation which is produced during high temperature operation.

Condensate hoods are available in a variety of sizes but they do possess a considerable footprint which may make them difficult to locate in smaller areas. On the plus side, the cutlery, glassware and crockery that is washed in these warewashers will dry much quicker.

The Different Types of Industrial Dishwasher Available

The next set of categories that govern industrial dishwashers covers their intended use, further allowing you to customise and tailor your warewasher to the needs of your business. Usually the size of your establishment and the quantity of dishware that you require cleaning will determine which dishwasher will be best suited to your needs.

  • Conveyor Dishwashers

These industrial dishwashers constitute some of the most powerful available, capable of washing up to 1000 racks of dishware per day. Perfect for large restaurants, hospitals and cafeterias.

  • Pot / Utensil / Tray Washers

These types of dishwasher are essentially smaller, more compact versions of the conveyor variety. Their capacity can be between 20 – 30 racks of dishware per hour.

The greatest benefit is that due to their size, they can be placed against a wall or in the corner of a room, making them suitable for most commercial kitchens and similar environments – and just like their conveyor counterparts – they’re also available in both low and high temp models.

  • Pass Through Industrial Dishwashers

Moving further down the list of size and use categories we find the pass through dishwasher. This type dishwasher is perfect for medium to small commercial kitchens, bars and locations where a sustained amount of clean dishware is required throughout the day.

Capable of washing up to 30 – 40 racks of dishware per hour, pass through or hood dishwashers will provide you with the clean dishware you need at a moderate pace, allowing you to wash as you go. A condensation hood or exhaust canopy may be required depending on site conditions and council regulations.

  • Undercounter Industrial Dishwashers

Moving further down the list of size and use categories we find the undercounter dishwasher. This type dishwasher is perfect for small commercial kitchens, café, office kitchens, bars, community and childcare centres where a sustained amount of clean dishware is required throughout the day.

Capable of washing up to 30 – 40 racks of dishware per hour, undercounter dishwashers will provide you with the clean dishware you need at a moderate pace, allowing you to wash as you go.

Warewashing Solutions: Your Choice for a High Performance Industrial Dishwasher in Sydney  

Buying the right industrial dishwasher is all about selecting the best machine for your site conditions, including power, water and drainage for your individual business requirements . A combination of speed, efficiency and performance is at the top of most customers’ requirements, as dirty dishware that can be cleaned as quickly as possible before being returned to service is the key to being able to meet the demands of your customers.

Other considerations include the running costs of your industrial dishwasher; both in terms of electricity consumption as well as the volume and associated ongoing costs of the sanitising agents required to operate it. You have the physical space constraints of your commercial kitchen where you would typically locate your dishwasher which need to be taken into account.

As Sydney’s industrial dishwasher experts, we can provide you with the guidance you need to find the dishwasher that is going to be the best fit for your requirements. We have first-hand experience of all the well-known warewasher manufacturers in this space – resulting in impartial advice that stands to benefit only you.

If you know you need an industrial dishwasher but require further input on your options, start by getting in touch with us. Simply call us today to speak to a consultant or send us an email through our contact form with your query and we’ll respond with the information you need.