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Commercial Dishwashers recommended for Child Care, school canteens, , home technology classrooms and corporate offices.

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Commercial Dishwasher – Under Bench

Our Warewashing Solutions site also includes a number of useful items to download, including:

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Simplified instruction sheets for most of the dishwashers.

SDS sheets for our chemicals and detergents

Hand washing and chemical care sheets

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your kitchen equipment including detergents and Chemicals

available in 5L, 15L and 20L

Commercial dishwasher detergents and chemicals

Detergents & chemicals

 To make things a bit easier, we have divided our comprehensive range of commercial dishwashers into the following categories:

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These dishwashers include – drain pumps, thermostop function, 500 x 500 racks, multiple cycle times.

Some models also have additional features and functions

WS-Eswood SmartWash 500 commercial dishwasher
WS-SW500 dishwasher – Touch-controls
WS-Norris IM5 Commercial Dishwasher
WS-IM5 dishwasher TOUCH Controls
WS-Fagor CO-502 Dishwasher
WS-CO-502 Dishwasher – Touch controls
WS-ECOMAX 502 Dishwasher
WS-EcoMax 503 Dishwasher – Touch Control
WS-Sammic X50 Dishwasher
WS-X50BDD Sammic Dishwasher
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Under Bench / Under Counter Dishwashers

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WS-UD Washtech Dishwasher
WS-UD Dishwasher -Touch Control
WS-Classeq D500 Dishwasher
Classeq D500 Commercial Dishwasher
WS-ECOMAX 502 Dishwasher
WS-EcoMax 502 Dishwasher – Touch Control
WS-Sammic X50 Dishwasher
WS-X50BDD Sammic Dishwasher


These dishwashers include – all of the inclusions of the ecomomy range + additional features such as rinse pumps, double racking, reverse osmosis compatability .

Some models also have additional features and functions

WS-EcoMax Plus 503 Commercial Dishwasher
WS-Plus 503 Dishwasher – Optional Double rack
WS-Washtech UL Dishwasher
WS-UL Premium Dishwasher
WS-Profi FX Dishwasher
WS-Profi FX – Double rack optional


These dishwashers include all of the features of the big guys with the exception that they take a smaller dish rack and take up less space than most under bench dishwashers.

So when you need a dishwasher but are pretty tight with space – why not give one of these a try…

WS-Eswood SW400 Compact Dishwasher
WS-SW400 COMPACT dishwasher TOUCH
WS-Fagor CO-402 Compact Dishwasher
WS-CO-402 Compact Dishwasher Touch Control
WS-Washtech GL Compact Dishwasher
WS-GL Compact Dishwasher – Washtech
WS-Washtech XV Economy Compact Dishwasher
WS-XV Economy Compact Glass / Dishwasher

Optional Accessories

Dishwasher Racks

dishwasher racks & accessories

dishwasher racks & accessories

Plate insertsplate inserts

Detergents & chemicals

Commercial dishwasher detergents and chemicals

Detergents & chemicals

Dishwasher stand

stands for glass and dishwashers

Cutlery canister stainless steel cutlery canister

Cutlery – 8 pocket8 pkt cutlery bskt

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