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The Cutlery Polisher, or cutlery dryer polisher as they are also known is now becoming an important time saving piece of equipment for the busy kitchen, or back of house.

RESULTS: reduction in labour costs, more hygienic – (no messy cloths). Cutlery is also sterilised by either a heat blanket or an ultra-violet germicidal lamp built into the polisher.

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   Polishing granules available to suit all makes and models                    OPTIONS: * fine grain * medium grain

Polishers for smaller establishments – up to 3000 pieces of cutlery per hour

The Tamai MIG, or the Cutlery Star CPOL 3 are small enough in size and price to fit most establishments.

Cutlery Star 3 with sliding tray
WS-CPOL-3D Cutlery Polisher 3000 pieces per hour
Silver cutlery in tray
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WS-MIG Cutlery Dryer Polisher
WS-MIG Cutlery Polisher 3000 pieces per hour

Cutlery Dryer Polishers for larger venues


This polisher, the Cutlery Star CPOL 7 is big enough to cope with 7000 pieces per hour, yet small enough in size and price to fit any establishment.

Polishing capacity of up to 7000 pieces per hour and a 3 year warranty on the Vibration Motor and Heater Elements, you really can’t go wrong.

WS-CPOL-7 Cutlery Polisher 7000 pieces per hour

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The WS-CPOL-7AF – Auto Feed Cutlery Dryer Polisher

This polisher, the Cutlery Star CPOL 7AF includes AUTO FEEDING of the cutlery

Polishing capacity of up to 9000 pieces per hour and a 3 year warranty on the Vibration Motor and Heater Elements, you really can’t go wrong.

WS-CPOL-7AF Auto feed Cutlery Polisher 9000 pieces per hour

Cutlery star Logo

WS-CPOL-7000 Cutlery Polisher 7000pieces per hour

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Cutlery Star 7-S includes Auto Feeder & support tray
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WS-JET Cutlery Dryer Polisher
WS-JET Cutlery Dryer Polisher 5000 piece per hour

Tamai Cutlery Dryer Logo

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The TAMAI Polishers are INDENT items therefore lead time is approx 8-12 weeks from order and deposit.

WS-TORNADO Cutlery Dryer Polisher
WS-Tornado Cutlery Polisher 10000 pieces per hour

Indicative savings when using a Cutlery Dryer Polisher

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
# of Heads served per week 1000 1000 1000
Items of Cutlery used per head 4 6 8
Items of Cutlery used per week 4000 6000 8000
# of man/wk hours to polish cutlery based on the industry standard of 500 per hour 8 hours 12 hours 16 hours
Cost per week to hand polish cutlery based on minimum wage of $21.00/hr $168.00 $252.00 $336.00
Indicative cost to hire small polisher (per week) from $9.00 per day $63.00 $63.00 $63.00
Granulate costs average per week $5.00 $7.50 $10.00
Maintenance costs average / week $3.00 $3.00 $3.00
Power costs at 500W per hour of use based on hours user per day $5.00 $7.50 $10.00
Total weekly cost of the polisher $76.00 $81.00 $86.00
TOTAL SAVINGS PER WEEK $92.00 $171.00 $250.00
TOTAL SAVINGS PER YEAR $4784.00 $8892.00 $13000.00


WET Cutlery is placed in, straight from the dishwasher (or from a bucket of water).

The cutlery travels through the polisher via a stainless steel chute that is filled with polishing granulate and this dries, polishers and sterilises your steel and silverware in a matter of minutes.

By using this fully automatic method of drying and polishing you are eliminating the lengthy chore of polishing each piece by hand and allowing your kitchen and wait staff to move onto other chores sooner.

Optional Accessories

mobile trolley for cutlery polishers

Stand for Polisher – can be mobile or stationary

Basket holder for Mig

Catcher basket holder suitable for MIG

Cutlery Shute for under bench installation

Entry shute – can be fitted through benchtop

Basket support for Jet and Tornado

Basket support for Jet and Tornado Polishers

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Cutlery Polisher – Savings/Benefits

You will be surprised how much time and money you’re wasting on skilled staff standing around polishing your cutlery.

Our Cutlery Polishing units are designed for restaurants, kitchens, cafes and coffee shops with two clear intentions; unbeatable quality and cost saving.

It’s pretty easy for staff to get bored hand polishing cutlery, very often not doing  the job very well, leaving marks, streaks and wasting even more staff time fetching fresh cutlery when the guest complains!

Cutlery Polishers never get tired.
They just keep on going as long as you need them to, hitting an incredibly high quality level of perfect polishes without ever missing a spot or only doing half the job; and even better, they don’t leave damp dirty towels lying around after they’ve finished.

Hygiene benefit is that our dryer polishers sanitize at high temperature above 80 degrees C; the same temperatures used to sanitize in your dishwasher, This ensures that both the cutlery and granules meet sanitizing codes, whilst human hands and dirty polishing cloths can add bacteria, our higher temperatures makes sure that when the cutlery or items leaves the polisher, it’s virtually sterile!

Cost saving
Cutlery polishers are fast, and after the initial purchase are economical to run, saving you money in time and labour

Stop buying and disposing of all that polishing cloth.                                                                                          
Our polishing granules last longer, are far more hygienic and do a better job!

Stop wasting wages on waiting staff polishing spoons!
Larger restaurants may even be able to reduce the number of staff they need

Cut down on your cutlery stock!
Our units process cutlery fast so it’s back out on the tables in no time.

How It Works                                                        

Warewashing Solutions Cutlery Polishers deliver consistent, top quality polish and shine every time.

What’s more it’s simple to use and removes all of those damp and unhygienic towels and polishing cloths from your environment entirely.

Take your clean and wet cutlery straight from the dishwasher and place it into the patented circular tank, which is made to allow cutlery to virtually swim up and out of the machine.  A safe exit is designed to protect your cutlery from scratching.

The machine draws the cutlery through the heated dry grain granules, this removes out all the moisture, whilst gently rubbing off water marks and polishing silver or steel to incredibly high quality sheen.

The temperature and or UV lamp creates a  sanitizing stage on both cutlery and granules, killing bacteria. The cutlery travels with the vibrating granules to the top and passes out, maximizing time and temperature for hygiene and delivering the perfect knives, forks and spoons to your diners.

As you can see, it takes just a few seconds to place the cutlery in the machine. How long does it take your staff to hand polish it?

Whatever your volume of business we help all sizes of kitchens, restaurants, schools, hospitals, pubs, coffee shops and cafes save money and time;

Contact us today on 1300 217 411 to speak to one of our knowledgeable team and work out how much simpler one of our units can make your working day!