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The Cutlery Polisher, or cutlery dryer polisher as they are also known is now becoming an important time saving piece of equipment for the busy kitchen, or back of house.

Cutlery is placed in, straight from the dishwasher (or from a bucket of water).

The cutlery travels through the polisher via a stainless steel chute that is filled with polishing granulate and this dries, polishers and sterilises your steel and silverware in a matter of minutes.

By using this fully automatic method of drying and polishing you are eliminating the lengthy chore of polishing each piece by hand and allowing your kitchen and wait staff to move onto other chores sooner.

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  • reduction in labour costs,
  • more hygienic – (no messy cloths).
  • Cutlery is also sterilised by either a heat blanket or an ultra-violet germicidal lamp built into the polisher.

Polishing granules availablePolishing Granules for cutlery polishers to suit all makes and modelsCutlery Polishing Granules

* fine grain
* medium grain

Cutlery polishers – for small to medium kitchens

WS-MIG Cutlery Dryer Polisher
WS-AS MP STAR Cutlery Dryer Polisher
WS-AS MP Cutlery Polisher 3000pieces per hour

Cutlery polishers – for larger establishments

WS-JET Cutlery Dryer Polisher
WS-AS MP Cutlery Polisher 3000pieces per hour
WS-TORNADO Cutlery Polisher

Optional Accessories

mobile trolley for cutlery polishers

Stand for Polisher – can be mobile of stationary

Basket holder for Mig

Catcher basket holder suitable for MIG

Cutlery Shute for under bench installation

Entry shute – can be fitted through benchtop

Basket support for Jet and Tornado

Basket support for Jet and Tornado Polishers

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