Time to upgrade to a Pass Through Dishwasher

With different makes and models, a range of differing sizes and also with lots of different features and options – buying the right UPRIGHT, HOOD TYPE or PASS THROUGH DISHWASHER (and also known under a number of different descriptive names) can be a bit daunting…
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Would You Like to Invest in a Commercial Pass Through Dishwasher?

Maintaining a constant supply of clean dishes is one of the most important challenges any commercial kitchen needs to rise to during a busy service. And of course, the one piece of equipment which can help to ensure that staff stay on top of the dishes even during the busiest occasions is an industrial dishwasher capable of cleaning dirty plates in just a matter of minutes.

For mid to large-scale catering, a commercial pass through dishwasher is one of the best options available. Whilst these appliances are fairly large and perhaps not suitable for smaller kitchens where space is limited, they are the perfect option for kitchens serving large numbers of people over short periods of time.

A pass-through dishwasher features a hood that must be pulled down over the dirty plates in order to start the cleaning process. In just a few minutes, the hood can be lifted and the plates will be clean. Most of these commercial dishwashers require a ‘feed-in’ and ‘feed-out’ table, where dirty and clean dishes can be held prior to and after cleaning.

Get Quality, Affordable Pass Through Dishwashers at Warewashing Solutions

Here at Warewashing Solutions, we are proud to have built a strong reputation for being one of the leading specialists in kitchen appliances and equipment Australia has to offer. Over the course of the twenty? years since we started trading, we have grown into one of the country’s most trusted suppliers, providing quality equipment at affordable prices to small cafes, fine dining restaurants, food halls and many other businesses and organisations in the hospitality industry.

As well as maintaining the highest possible standards of quality by working with some of the most respected manufacturers from around the world, we also uphold a commitment to providing attentive, personalised customer service. We know that each kitchen brings its own set of specific challenges and demands, and our team use their combined skills and expertise to provide each customer with any individual advice and guidance they require to help them decide on the right product(s) to help their business thrive.

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Commercial Pass Through Dishwashers

Major brands… Electrolux – Eswood – Hobart – Meiko – Norris – Sammic – Washtech

Scroll down to have a look at all the pass through dishwashers or click on the links below to take you straight to the machines with the properties that you want.

Warewashing Solutions can also supply the correct detergents and chemicals for your commercial kitchen – available in 5L, 15L and 20L

This dishwasher is multi voltagePass Through Dishwashers using heat condensing or heat recovery

Washtech M1 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-M2-C Heat Condensing Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-AMX VaporStop Pass Through Dishwasher


Norris Fast response logo

Cold water connected

Pass Through


Norris AP750 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-Norris AP2500 Pass Through Dishwasher

Note: Equipment dimensions may change without notice in accordance with the manufacturer’s product design and development

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Further product information

A busy hotel restaurant that never runs out of patrons day or night. A family-owned Italian restaurant jam-packed with customers over the weekend. A school cafeteria that needs to serve breakfast, lunch, and everything in-between for customers ages 6 to 18. Or a bakery that serves the freshest and mouth-watering bread and pastries.

If you own or manage any of these establishments, and you find that your under-counter dishwasher cannot keep up with the frequency or number of dishes that need to be cleaned, then it’s time for an upgrade. Replace your old dishwasher with a more efficient and cost-effective pass-through dishwasher. A pass-through dishwasher is ideal in foodservice settings, such as:

* Medium to large full-service restaurants       * Hotel restaurants

* Quick service or fast food restaurants            * Catering

* Company cafeteria                                              * Educational institutions

* Bakeries                                                                 * Butcheries

What Makes Pass-Through Dishwashers Ideal for Large Establishments?

Pass-through dishwashers were created for large and busy restaurants or establishments in mind. These machines are designed to wash hundreds of tableware within an hour, thus saving you a lot when it comes to energy, water, and detergent consumption. Apart from the ease of operation, these dishwashers also give outstanding wash results. No more hassles in the kitchen, as well as bits of food or grease left behind on the plates.

When You Need a New Pass-Through Dishwasher, Get It From Warewashing Solutions!

Warewashing Solutions lives up to its name. Our company provides hassle-free warewashing solutions for the foodservice industry—from stylish yet intimate pubs to large quick-service restaurants with hundreds of customers per day. If your old dishwasher cannot handle the sheer volume of tableware that needs to be washed every day and you think it’s time for an upgrade, replace it with a pass-through dishwasher from Warewashing Solutions. We offer pass-through dishwashers made by trusted manufacturers such as Eswood, Fagor, Hobart, Norris, Washtech, Sammic, Meiko and Winterhalter. Warewashing Solutions pass-through dishwashers are:

* Available in different sizes and capacities that will suit your kitchen’s needs, whether you own a bustling full-service restaurant in the central business district or you manage a butchery in the city’s busiest supermarket

* Very easy to operate

* Wide selection of space-saving machines that are ideal for corner or straight operations

* All machines are designed to use less water, detergent, rinse aid, and energy, allowing to save more money in the long run

* Excellent wash and rinse results. Grease, lipstick stains, and bits of food have nothing on these machines.

If you want to learn more about our pass-through dishwashers, simply contact Warewashing Solutions at 1300 217 411. With over 20 years of experience, Warewashing Solutions is the undisputed leader in providing commercial dishwashers and other warewashing equipment in Australia. Contact us today, and learn more about how our pass-through dishwashers can improve your kitchen efficiency and hygiene.