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Pass Through Dishwasher Suppliers Sydney

Pass through dishwashers from the major brands… Eswood, Hobart FE, Fagor, Norris, Washtech and Winterhalter.

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your kitchen equipment including detergents and Chemicals

available in 5L, 15L and 20L

Commercial dishwasher detergents and chemicals

Detergents & chemicals

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Pass Through Dishwasher requiring only 15 Amp Power

WS-UC 25 15 amp / UC 32 3 Phase Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-BT600AWC 15AMP Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-XM Washtech Economy 15AMP Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-Hobart EcoMax 602 Pass Through Dishwasher

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Pass Through Dishwashers – Multi Phase or 3 phase Power

WS-M2 Washtech Pass Through Dishwasher
Eswood SW900 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-Hobart AMXT Double Chamber Pass Through Dishwasher
Hobart H603 Pass Through Dishwasher
Hobart H603 Pass Through Dishwasher
Hobart AMX Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-Hobart AMXT Double Chamber Pass Through Dishwasher

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Pass Through Dishwashers using heat condensing / heat recovery

Washtech M1 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-M2-C Heat Condinsing Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-AMX VaporStop Pass Through Dishwasher

Flexi Commercial and Silver Chef

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At the end of an operating lease term, you can upgrade to new technology, extend the lease, make an offer to purchase or simply return the equipment.

By clicking on the button below you can find out more from the experts, you can also apply direct online via these buttons

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Further product information

A busy hotel restaurant that never runs out of patrons day or night. A family-owned Italian restaurant jam-packed with customers over the weekend. A school cafeteria that needs to serve breakfast, lunch, and everything in-between for customers ages 6 to 18. Or a bakery that serves the freshest and mouth-watering bread and pastries.

If you own or manage any of these establishments, and you find that your under-counter dishwasher cannot keep up with the frequency or number of dishes that need to be cleaned, then it’s time for an upgrade. Replace your old dishwasher with a more efficient and cost-effective pass-through dishwasher. A pass-through dishwasher is ideal in foodservice settings, such as:

* Medium to large full-service restaurants       * Hotel restaurants

* Quick service or fast food restaurants            * Catering

* Company cafeteria                                              * Educational institutions

* Bakeries                                                                 * Butcheries

What Makes Pass-Through Dishwashers Ideal for Large Establishments?

Pass-through dishwashers were created for large and busy restaurants or establishments in mind. These machines are designed to wash hundreds of tableware within an hour, thus saving you a lot when it comes to energy, water, and detergent consumption. Apart from the ease of operation, these dishwashers also give outstanding wash results. No more hassles in the kitchen, as well as bits of food or grease left behind on the plates.

When You Need a New Pass-Through Dishwasher, Get It From Warewashing Solutions!

Warewashing Solutions lives up to its name. Our company provides hassle-free warewashing solutions for the foodservice industry—from stylish yet intimate pubs to large quick-service restaurants with hundreds of customers per day. If your old dishwasher cannot handle the sheer volume of tableware that needs to be washed every day and you think it’s time for an upgrade, replace it with a pass-through dishwasher from Warewashing Solutions. We offer pass-through dishwashers made by trusted manufacturers such as Eswood, Fagor, Hobart, Norris, Washtech, and Winterhalter. Warewashing Solutions pass-through dishwashers are:

* Available in different sizes and capacities that will suit your kitchen’s needs, whether you own a bustling full-service restaurant in the central business district or you manage a butchery in the city’s busiest supermarket

* Very easy to operate

* Wide selection of space-saving machines that are ideal for corner or straight operations

* All machines are designed to use less water, detergent, rinse aid, and energy, allowing to save more money in the long run

* Excellent wash and rinse results. Grease, lipstick stains, and bits of food have nothing on these machines.

If you want to learn more about our pass-through dishwashers, simply contact Warewashing Solutions at 1300 217 411. With over 20 years of experience, Warewashing Solutions is the undisputed leader in providing commercial dishwashers and other warewashing equipment in Australia. Contact us today, and learn more about how our pass-through dishwashers can improve your kitchen efficiency and hygiene.