HOBART Glasswasher range

The HOBART range of under counter glass washers include the German manufactured ECOMAX series, the PROFI series and the  PREMAX series

Hobart Ecomax 404 recirculating glasswasher

Hobart ECOMAX 404 Recirculating Glasswasher



Hobart ECOMAX PLUS G403 Recirculating Glasswasher


Hobart PROFI GC glasswasher

Hobart PROFI GC Recirculating Glasswasher

Profi and Premax Brochure

Hobart PreMax GCP glasswasher

Hobart PREMAX GCP Recirculating Glasswasher

Profi and Premax Brochure

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HOBART Under Counter dishwasher range

The Hobart range of under counter dishwashers include the German manufactured ECOMAX Series, PROFI Series and PREMAX Series

Hobart EcoMax 504 Dishwasher

Hobart ECOMAX 504 Commercial Dishwasher

ECOMAX504 spec sheet

Hobart EcoMax Plus F503 Dishwasher

Hobart ECOMAX PLUS F503 Dishwasher – optional double rack

Hobart F503 Spec Sheet

Hobart PROFI FX commercial dishwasher

Hobart PROFI FX Dishwasher – optional double rack system

Profi and Premax Brochure

Hobart PREMAX FP Dishwasher

Hobart PREMAX FP Dishwasher – Marine version also available

Profi and Premax Brochure

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HOBART Pass Through dishwasher range

The Hobart range of Pass through dishwashers covers a wide range of equipment including:

Single Phase, 3 Phase, Vapo Stop, Heat Recovery, Wide Body, Double Chamber and Marine

Hobart ECOMAX 602 single phase Pass Through Dishwasher

Hobart ECOMAX 602 Pass Through Dishwasher. Single Phase Power. Includes with drain pump and chemical dispensers

Hobart 602 product sheet

Hobart EcoMax H603 Pass Through Dishwasher

Hobart EcoMax H603 Pass Through Dishwasher 3 Phase Power.  Includes drain & rinse pumps + Chemical dispensers

ECOMAXPLUSH603 spec sheet

Hobart AM900 / AMX Pass through dishwasher

Hobart AM900 Hood type Dishwasher – 3 Phase power. Complete with rinse and drain pump + Chemical dispensers

AM900 2015 Specifications Hobart AUS – NZ

Hobart AMX Pass Through Dishwasher

Hobart AMX Pass through dishwasher – USB interface

Hobart AMX Product Sheet

Hobart AMX Pass Through Dishwasher

Hobart TLW – Double Chamber Pass through and 2nd chamber dishwasher

Hobart Double Chamber TLW dishwasher

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Note: Equipment dimensions may change without notice in accordance with the manufacturer’s product design and development

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Wash Smarter and Save Time with a Hobart Commercial Dishwasher

Shining dishware is a must for every commercial premise. Save time, energy and money with a Hobart Commercial Dishwasher. Combining the best innovation and design for your needs, Hobart has a wide range of dishwashers with one sure to suit your business needs.

Based in Germany, Hobart is a global market leader in warewashing technology. They supply state-of-the-art equipment to customers from airlines to pharmaceutical companies and hotels to hospitals. Renowned for quality and innovation, the company currently holds the title of “Manufacturer of the Year 2017” from the FCSI (Food Services Society International). They are also at the forefront of ecological developments in the industry and have a commitment to delivering economical models that are budget friendly.

Cutting Edge Technology from Hobart

The Hobart Glassware range comprises the Ecomax 404 Recirculating Glasswasher, the Ecomax Plus G415 Recirculating Glassware, the Profi GC Recirculating Glassware and the Premax GCP Recirculating Glassware models.

Hobart 404 glasswasherEach model features:

  • Multiple cycle times – with special programmes on the GC and GCP Models
  • 700mm Installation Height – helpful for fitting below any bars, counters or limited space
  • Hobart Ecomax 2 – “Connect and Use” straight from installation
  • Hobart Ecomax Plus G403 – Ready to Install, including rinse pressure pump, detergent dispenser and drain pump.
  • Soft Noiseless Closing action on the Hobart Profi GC and the Hobart Premax GCP
  • Soft Start wash pump – for less noise emission in a customer-orientated environment
  • Excellent water consumption at only 1.9 litres per rack.
  • 2 unique innovations on the Premax GCP – VAPOSTOP, which prevents the escape of steam when the machine door is opened and ACTIVE DRYING, which removes moisture from the glasses, ensuring no hand drying is required.

The Hobart Under Counter Dishwasher range includes the Ecomax 504, the Ecomax Plus F515, the PROFI FX & FXL Dishwasher and the PREMAX FP Dishwasher. All of these include integrated self-cleaning systems. The Ecomax machines support rack sizes up to 500 x 500mm whilst the Profi and Premax suit racks of 400 x 400mm. All are heat and noise insulated with VAPOSTOP, mentioned above, also a feature of the Profi and Premax machines. The Wide Angle Nozzle increases the efficiency of these machines, ensuring a more substantial wash of your dishware. The tank capacity starts at 25l for the Ecomax 504, to 10.6l on the Ecomax Plus F515 and on both the Profi and Premax models

State-of-the-Art Cleaning with HOBART Food Equipment

Hobart WS-AMXT Double rack Glass and Dishwasher

Hobart WS-AMXT Double rack Glass and Dishwasher

If you need a Pass-Through Dishwasher, Warewashing Solutions offers the following models from Hobart – the Ecomax 604, the Ecomax H615, the AM900, AMX, AMX-V, AMX-VR and the AMXT.


  • Self-cleaning systems on every machine for optimum hygiene
  • Water consumption starts at an eco-friendly 2.8l per rack for the Hobart Ecomax models lowering to 2.5l per rack on the AM900 and AMX models.
  • 2 cycles available on Ecomax machines
  • 3 cycles on the AM900
  • 4 cycles on the AMX including Continuous Washing
  • EASY LIFT HOOD on the AM900 and AMX which requires 50% less effort by the operator
  • USB Interface on the AMX range
  • Optional E SAVE water heat recovery system to save up to 6.5kW on the AMX models

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German manufactured and first in technological advances for the warewashing industry, Hobart machines offer the best value in commercial dishwashers. Call one of Warewashing Solutions experts now on 1300 217 411 to select the perfect Hobart Commercial Dishwasher for your business today. As always if you are not sure of exactly the right model for your needs please outline your requirements and allow us to make a recommendation.

Warewashing Solutions can advise the ideal dishwasher for you with our “hands-on” experts who have over 20 years in the industry. We provide top of the range equipment sourced from the best suppliers from across the globe. Brand and model comparisons are offered, so you get the best match for your business. We partner with premium brands and are constantly researching new products to ensure there’s something to suit your site and budget. Based in Sydney, Warewashing Solutions can ship across Australia including Melbourne and Perth. Whatever your business needs, talk to Rosie, Roger or Rikki for expert advice on size, efficiency and labour savings. We can offer technical advice over the phone or give you a trade recommendation for your area.