Warewashing Solutions has a small service division with over 25 years experience in the warewashing industry.

However with service being just a small part of our business we will always prioritise our existing machine customers & chemical / detergents customers first.

Preventative Maintenance Plan
We also offer a preventative maintenance* plan to keep your machine working to its full potential.
This plan has a service team member out to carry out a preventative maintenance inspection on your dishwasher every six months or 12 months. (contact us for pricing)
A preventative maintenance plan can limit the chance of any downtime for your business.

Whether you run : a busy restaurant, a cafe, a service kitchen, a community kitchen, a kitchen in the office, child care centre, church hall. aged care centre,
busy school canteen or mess hall… Can you afford the downtime and added stress that comes when your glass or dishwasher is not working?

For Service enquiries call Warewashing Solutions on 1300 217 411

* fees apply – please contact info@warewashingsolutions.com.au for a pricing structure.

** PLEASE NOTE: Free on-site consultation not applicable with service call out.


De-Scale service for Glass and dishwashers


* Get the inside of your dishwasher looking like new. *

Remove all the detergent and scale build up.. * Clear drain hoses  ***

***Extra heavy scale build-up will incur an additional charge

scale build up in a commercial dishwasher

Commercial dishwasher with scale build up

Descale and Machine Audit

Audit Report * Identify key criteria points to ensure equipment is operating correctly and reliably. * Check temperature * Check wash results * Check machine cleaning is being carried out correctly * Identify any operational training issues to ensure industry standards are being met. * Includes Standard De-scale

image of a commercial dishwasher after a de-scale treatment

Commercial dishwasher after a de-scale treatment