How to Choose the Best Commercial Dishwasher

From the small but popular pub down the corner to the buffet restaurant at the hotel, no modern restaurant can ever do without commercial dishwashers. It has been proven that manual washing is not only inefficient and can keep your customers waiting for their food, it also cannot match commercial dishwashers when it comes to providing a consistent level of cleanliness. Sponges, brushes, and scouring pads can also be sources of contamination. So, before you buy, rent, or lease one, read our guide below on how to choose the best commercial dishwasher for your busy kitchen. Types of Commercial Dishwashers Conveyor Type Dishwasher Ideal for: Medium and high-volume commercial establishments (school cafeterias, high-volume buffet restaurants, nursing facilities, hotels, hospitals, fast food restaurants, etc.) If [...]

What You Need To Know About Commercial Cleaning Appliances

Until only relatively recently, the gold standard of tableware cleaning involved a pair of hands, soap, and a source of clean running water. And as far as humans were concerned – or at the very least, those living in the Middle Ages onward – that was the best we could do. Later on, the invention of plumbing eventually led to the birth of the ever-reliable kitchen sink, which has remained more or less the same to this day. If you own or otherwise operate any business that involves the constant circulation of food, dinnerware, and kitchen utensils, cleanliness should be (and probably already is) your number one priority not only to comply with sanitation laws and regulations, but also to maintain the quality of [...]

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Making the Most Out of Your Commercial Dishwasher

Your food service business made it past the lean and difficult years, and now your restaurant has finally grown into a profitable and thriving venture. During your restaurant's early years, your kitchen crew - especially the people you hired to wash the dishes - had to do everything by hand. Yes, dishwashing was tedious and messy, but your crew got the job done (despite your unhappiness at the number of plates and glasses they accidentally broke). Now that your business has grown, and your restaurant is jam-packed with customers night and day, your human dishwashers just couldn't keep up anymore. You need to upgrade and buy your kitchen a commercial dishwasher (also known as warewasher). A warewasher or commercial dishwasher is one of the [...]

Why are Commercial Dishwashers Important for Restaurants?

You have the perfect idea for a restaurant. You've scouted the perfect location, and you're on the verge of signing a lease agreement. It's possible that you also have the best chef, kitchen crew, and wait staff all hired and ready to work. Almost all of your kitchen equipment and tools are ready to be delivered. One piece of kitchen equipment that you're still on the fence about, however, is your commercial dishwasher. You might think that buying a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant is something you can put off or disregard entirely. Or you might even think that it's not necessary since you already have someone to take care of that task for you. But before you set your mind on forgoing the [...]

Is Your Commercial Dishwasher Efficient? Tips on How to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Commercial Dishwasher

Your commercial dishwasher improves your kitchen’s efficiency, enabling your crew to work faster and your business or institution to flourish. But in the age of climate change and rising energy, water, and operating costs, how do you ensure that you maximize your dishwasher's efficiency and minimize the cost of operating such machines? Here are some tips on how you can maximize your commercial dishwasher's efficiency while saving hundreds of dollars in chemical, energy, and water costs. * When buying for the first time or upgrading models check if all services are available to meet the machine requirements. Most commercial machines use a higher rate of power than domestic machines usually at least 15 amp not the standard 10 amp. This does not mean commercials [...]

When is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Dishwasher?

Your commercial dishwasher is built to stand up to the toughest tests, over a long period, however there will come a time when even the top of the line machine will need to be replaced. If you are finding that you are booking service calls more regularly than before, or that you need to re-clean items frequently, then that is a red flag sign that your machine may be nearing the end of its life. Here at Warewashing Solutions, we have a long history in providing businesses with many commercial dishwasher brands, as well as offering on-site consultation, comparisons between brands, and advice on the correct detergents and chemicals to use. Many of our clients have laboured long and hard with a dishwasher that [...]

8 Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Dishwasher

8 Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Dishwasher In a food preparation environment, the dishwasher is at the heart of your kitchen, ensuring you have a steady supply of clean crockery, glassware and pans. It's important that your dishwasher works to a high standard, for food hygiene reasons, and that it's fast and reliable to keep up with the fast pace of your busy kitchen. While you may have already used a dishwasher at home, buying one for a commercial environment is much different, and here are a few of the things you'll want to consider.   Types of dishwasher   While home dishwashers usually sit under the counter, there are many different kinds of commercial dishwasher, and it's important to find the [...]

Food Service Online

From FOOD SERVICE ONLINE - 6/10/15 In an industry (mainly) committed to hedonistic pleasure, I am constantly impressed by the number of philanthropic events or campaigns that not only spring up, but are seized upon with enthusiasm by members of the foodservice industry. We have a wide-reaching platform and an easy sell – who doesn't like eating and drinking? - so its great to see so many people using it to help raise money and awareness or support people in need. Two charitable ventures cheered my heart this week. Firstly, to coincide with Mental Health Month, cafes in Sydney are being given stickers with messages of support to send out on takeaway coffee cups. Secondly, Victorian chefs have contributed recipes to a crowd-funded cookbook that [...]

Tamai Cutlery Dryer Polishers

After a successful meeting in Northern Italy at the home of Tamai Food Equipment, Warewashing Solutions & Tamai have teamed up to bring the range of TAMAI CUTLERY DRYER / POLISHERS to the Australian market. Tamai Food Equipment hasTamai and products more than thirty years’ experience in the catering sector, and is specialised in the production of professional cutlery dryers. The products are MADE IN ITALY using only the highest quality materials, and are continuously tested during the production phase to assure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Utilising different technology to most other polishers Tamai bring a higher level of sanitising / sterilisation to your cutlery with a cost effective longer lasting granule cycle, this well priced range will suit all sized businesses' [...]

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