7 Things to Look for When Buying a Dishwasher

Buying a new commercial dishwasher can feel quite exciting. Just look up any store and you’ll encounter plenty of dishwasher models that look more modern and feature packed. If you’ve been using the same old dishwasher for years, then buying a new dishwasher is a significant upgrade. Modern dishwashers today are having more functions and are more water & energy-efficient than previous models, which can help speed up the cleaning process and lower your electricity bill as well. But the question is, how do you choose the best dishwasher for your applications? To help eliminate the confusion, we did the research for you. Here are 8 things you should look out for when buying a dishwasher that will hopefully aid you in making an informed [...]

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment 101: Sinks and Dishwashers

Food safety is paramount to running a successful food business and to maintain that, you need the right tools and equipment. The last thing you want is to fail a health inspection and suffer a hefty fine (which can end up tarnishing your restaurant’s reputation). That’s why it’s important to establish a thorough cleaning regimen along with having the right sinks and dishwashers to keep food as safe as possible. This article will cover everything you need to know about the different types of sinks and dishwashers. That way, you'll know which one to use and how it affects your kitchen’s sanitation. Commercial kitchen sinks Most commercial kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel because it’s durable, it’s resistant to high temperatures, and is easy [...]

Why It’s Time to Replace Your Old Dishwasher With a New One

Perhaps you bought a dishwasher many years ago and the unit is starting to show its age. While dishwashers are built to be reliable, using it every day for the last ten years will undoubtedly take its toll. If you operate a commercial kitchen, you know how important dishwashers are. The last thing you want is to serve customers with a glass of wine that has lipstick stains on it. A dishwasher that’s running optimally is crucial to the success of your business. If your dishwasher is on the tail end of its lifespan, then maybe it’s time to explore your options. In this article, we’ll be discussing why you should consider replacing your old dishwasher with a brand new unit that works 10x better [...]

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The Ultimate Guide on Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen

A clean cooking space is essential for any commercial kitchen. Not only will your kitchen look neat and organised, but it’ll also serve as proper hygiene for the health and well-being of your customers. The kitchen has an uncanny ability to get dirty very quickly and it’s important to establish cleaning habits to deter the growth of bacteria. A dirty kitchen can shorten the lifespan of certain appliances due to food residue and grease buildup. If you want your commercial kitchen to operate smoothly, keeping it clean should be of utmost importance. Here is your ultimate guide on keeping your commercial kitchen clean, hygienic, and organised. Hygiene should be the number one priority When running a commercial kitchen, implementing proper hygiene should be your [...]

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A Guide on Choosing the Right Commercial Dishwashing Detergent

Not all dishwashing detergents are created equal. Some do a better job at cleaning dishes than others, which is why it’s important to choose one that best fits your cleaning demands.. If you operate a restaurant or a school cafeteria, you’ll need a dishwashing detergent that gets the job done. Your dishwashing equipment is only half the equation, and the cleaning agent you use will ultimately affect how clean your dishes will be. This guide will help you choose the correct dishwashing detergent for better cleaning results. We’ll be discussing whether or not you should use products that contain phosphate and which detergent to use depending on your application. Let’s get started. Choosing a dishwasher detergent that contains phosphate When choosing a commercial dishwashing detergent, [...]

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How to Choose Between a Pass-through Dishwasher vs. an Undercounter Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers are an essential part of any busy kitchen. These machines are designed to significantly reduce the amount of time needed to wash cutlery, plates, pots, and pans. But not all commercial dishwashers are created equal and you need to choose the right one that best fits your needs. Commercial dishwashers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the type of business you operate will determine which unit you should pick up. The two most popular choices are pass-through dishwashers and undercounter dishwashers. These machines operate slightly differently from each other and it helps to get a good understanding of how they work. Today we’ll be taking a look at the differences between the two units and help you decide which one [...]

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A Guide on Safe & Efficient Dish Room Operation

In any commercial kitchen, proper dishwashing is very important. When done correctly, this process ensures a continuous workflow inside the kitchen and promotes safe food handling practices. When the dish room is running smoothly, productivity is increased as this allows the kitchen staff to focus on other important tasks. Commercial dishwashers streamline the dishwashing process by cleaning a ton of dishes in a quick and efficient manner. All kitchen staff should know how to properly operate a dishwasher according to manufacturer specifications. Wall guides and charts near the dishwasher can be helpful to properly instruct the kitchen staff. To make your dish room run more efficiently, consider the following tips: Pre-scrape your dishes first. Heavily soiled dishes should be scraped first before placing it [...]

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Dishwasher Safety Tips

In today’s household, one of the most essential equipments to have is a dishwasher. Having a dishwasher makes it a lot more convenient to wash plenty of dishes which helps you save time, money, and energy. It’s environmentally friendly, it gets the job done quickly, and it cleans your dishes much better than you would by hand washing them. Although dishwashers are an integral part of any home, it’s important to know how to operate them safely to prevent any unwanted accidents from happening. Modern dishwashers come with a variety of safety features that reduce the risk of overheating electrical components. These features help protect consumers in the event that the dishwasher experiences mechanical failure. Some of the most common safety features found in dishwashers [...]

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10 Tips to Get the Most From Your Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers in Sydney play an important role in any household. It’s an expensive investment that requires regular care and maintenance in order to function properly. It goes without saying that a clean dishwasher equals clean dishes. Since your commercial dishwasher gets used everyday, it’s bound to collect gunk and food particles that may otherwise hinder its performance. Any appliance receives regular wear and tear during extended use and your dishwasher is no exception. To get the most out of your dishwasher, you need to ensure that you are using it correctly according to manufacturer instructions. Don’t wait until your dishwasher breaks down before you take action. Here are some tips that you should follow to prolong the lifespan of your dishwasher and ensure [...]

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