In commercial food establishments, the need for cleaning and sanitizing is always in demand. That’s why you see many different types of machines built for warewashing like commercial dishwashers, glasswashers, cutlery polishers, and the like. But one equipment that’s perhaps overlooked by many is a pot and pan washer. Throughout the day, pots and pans pile up and it can be difficult to clean them all at once. You can’t throw them inside the dishwasher due to their odd shape and washing them by hand can prove too tedious of a task.

This is where a pot and pan washer comes in. This type of machine offers the reliability and cleaning performance that you’ve come to expect from a traditional dishwasher except that it’s made for washing cookware & other larger kitchen items.

Pot and pan washers can significantly improve your operations and save your staff plenty of time. This can prove advantageous in busy kitchens that serve hundreds of dishes per day.

If you’re interested in learning more about pot and pan washers, then you came to the right place. This article will discuss what a pot and pan washer is all about and why you should consider buying one.

What is a pot and pan washer?

A pot and pan washer is a special type of warewashing equipment that’s designed to clean and sanitize all kinds of cookware from stockpots, cast iron skillets, saucepans, trays, buckets and more. They’re typically larger than a commercial dishwasher to accommodate cookware of all shapes and sizes. Out of all the utensils used in the kitchen, pots and pans can be the trickiest to wash since they tend to be caked with thick soups and sauces. With a pot and pan washer, you can make warewashing a breeze and simplify the entire cleaning process.

Pot and pan washers come in a variety of styles and capacities to suit the needs of different food establishments. Depending on your budget, you can select a pot and pan washer that fits in your kitchen space while offering the desired features you’re looking for (i.e. heating options and wash times). If you operate a large-scale restaurant, you’ll find a pot and pan washer very useful for improving the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Why you should invest in a pot and pan washer

The benefits of pot and pan washers go beyond just making the warewashing process easier. Many restaurant owners use this type of equipment to facilitate their workflow and improve their turnaround time by a huge margin. Here are a couple of reasons that make a pot and pan washer a worthwhile investment.

  • Allows for bulk cookware washing – Washing cookware by bulk can be a nightmare for any kitchen staff. It’s not easy dealing with large, deep pots that are all greasy and soiled. Pot and pan washers make it possible to wash cookware by batches. No matter how small or how big your cookware is, a pot and pan washer will swallow them all up and get them nice and clean in a matter of minutes. 
  • Cost-effective – Washing cookware takes plenty of work, not to mention the resources that go along with it like water and detergent. Pot and pan washers use less water compared to handwashing which can help cut down on utility bills and is much better for the environment. 
  • Sanitizes cookware – The importance of sanitation can never be understated inside a kitchen. A pot and pan washer cleans and sanitizes your cookware to kill bacteria and other microorganisms that may contribute to cross-contamination. 

Time-saving – Time is of the essence when running a food business and you simply cannot afford to waste time washing dozens of cookware. A pot and pan washer cuts the warewashing time in half, thus allowing your staff more freedom to get important tasks done within the day.

How does a pot and pan washer work?

You may be curious as to how a pot and pan washer cleans your cookware. Like a commercial dishwasher, a pot and pan washer uses rotating sprayer arms to blast a jet of water onto the cookware. A detergent is then added to help loosen oily residue and food particles from the pots and pans. Finally, the cookware undergoes a final rinse and goes through a 30-second sanitizing rinse to kill off any remaining bacteria.

A food filter captures food debris and keeps the nozzles from clogging up. Pot and pan washers are very efficient, and a standard-sized machine can wash up to 200-300 pans per hour. The cycles usually last anywhere from 2 -12 minutes which makes it significantly faster compared to handwashing. All told, a pot and pan washer function performs similarly to a conventional dishwasher albeit with a roomier capacity for accommodating odd-shaped cookware.

So, are pot and pan washers worth it?

Most definitely. A pot and pan washer is a welcome addition to any modern restaurant who’s looking to streamline their operations and be more efficient with their warewashing tasks. Such an equipment is a must-have in today’s age where the growing needs of consumers are best matched with technological solutions and the pot and pan washer is a great example of this.