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Commercial Dishwashers suitable for the smallest cafe right up to large turnover  restaurants, school canteens, function centres and also dishwashers suitable for school, home technology classrooms and corporate offices.

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Are you looking for the best commercial dishwasher for your application, site and budget!

Here at Warewashing Solutions we believe that buying a dishwasher is not just one size fits all, meaning not every dishwasher is suitable for every application.
With this in mind, we carry a broad range of commercial dishwashers from all the major brands available here in Australia.
So, if you are looking to purchase the best dishwasher for your site, contact us and we can run through your options.
If you are Sydney based, we are happy to schedule a site visit (at your site) with one of our specialists.

And if you already know what you want, no problem, contact us direct for your quote.

Commercial Grade Dishwashing Machines & Commercial Dishwashers For Sale

Commercial Dish Washer – suitable for the smallest cafe right up to large turnover  restaurants, school canteens, function centres and also dishwashers suitable for school, home technology classrooms and corporate offices.

     Call us to discuss your options 1300 217 411

Cafe image    happy cafe crowdDinner table Restaurantdishwasher inside operation

 To make things a bit easier, we have divided our comprehensive range of commercial dishwashers into the following categories:

Commercial dishwasher detergents and chemicals

Need Detergent and Rinse Aid for your Commercial Dishwasher? We’ve got you covered.

Related image


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Under Bench / Under Counter Commercial Dishwashers

Dishwashers utilising 500 x 500 mm racks – Confused with all the options now available, gives us a call to discuss which may be best suitable for your site, budget and requirements


Gravity drain dishwashers require the drain hose at the rear to be lower than the dishwasher (refer image)

gravity drain dishwasher
WS-B42PN Dishwasher


These dishwashers include – drain pumps, thermostop function, 500 x 500 racks, multiple cycle times.

Some models also have additional features and functions

WS-Norris Bantam 10 amp commercial dishwasher
WS-AS MP Cutlery Polisher 3000pieces per hour
WS-Norris IM5
WS-Washtech XU Dishwasher
WS-Fagor CO-502 Dishwasher
WS-ECOMAX 503 Dishwasher
WS-Classeq D500 Dishwasher
WS-Norris CafeMate Dishwasher
WS-Norris CafeMaster Dishwasher
Under-bench Commercial Dishwasher partial
image of stacked clean plates in restaurant


These dishwashers include – all of the inclusions of the ecomomy range + additional features such as rinse pumps, double racking, reverse osmosis compatability .

Some models also have additional features and functions

WS-UD Washtech Dishwasher
WS-Sammic X50 Dishwasher
WS-EcoMax Plus F503
WS-Washtech UL Dishwasher
WS-Washtech UL with Black stainless panels
WS-Profi FX Dishwasher


These dishwashers include all of the features of the big guys with the exception that they take less space by utilising a smaller dish rack.

So when you need a dishwasher but are pretty tight with space – why not give one of these a try

WS-Eswood SmartWash 400 Compact Dishwasher
WS-Fagor CO-402 Compact Dishwasher
WS-Washtech GL Compact Dishwasher
WS-Washtech XV Economy Compact Dishwasher

Optional Accessories

Dishwasher Racks

dishwasher racks & accessories

Plate insertsplate inserts

Detergents & chemicals

Commercial dishwasher detergents and chemicals

Detergents & chemicals

Dishwasher stand

stands for glass and dishwashers

Cutlery canister stainless steel cutlery canister

Cutlery – 8 pocket8 pkt cutlery bskt

Warewashing Solutions include a number of useful items to download, including simplified instruction sheets for most of the dishwashers.

SDS sheets for our chemicals and detergents

Hand washing and chemical care sheets


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Free up your working capital and remember, your rental payments can be fully tax-deductible.

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Why choose Warewashing Solutions for Commercial Dishwasher Machines

If you’re in the market for a new commercial grade dishwasher, then you’ve come to the right place. Warewashing Solutions has more than 20 years’ experience supplying commercial kitchens in Australia with industrial-grade dishwashers. Whatever your needs, we have a dishwasher to suit – and we intend to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right model.

As you’ll see from the listings on this page, we have dishwashers to suit any size and scale of operations – from the smallest café through to the largest cafeterias and food halls – you can also refer to our Pass Through or  Industrial Dishwasher pages. But before you get started looking at specific models, let’s pause to consider the most important variables to look at when buying a commercial washer system.  

Know the Jargon for Commercial-Grade Dishwashers

One of the first things you’re likely to notice when shopping around for a commercial dishwasher is that these machines have their own dedicated terminology. In fact, one of those industry terms is found in our company name. It may even be what brought you to this site in the first place.

Within the industry, commercial dishwashers are often called ‘warewashing machines’ or even just ‘warewashers’. These are, after all, the machines use to wash your wares – everything from flatware and silverware to pots, pans and other utensils.

It’s worth noting that some restaurants and kitchens will also purchase a separate glass washer. These are particularly useful in bars or similar establishments where a high volume of glasses also need to be washed.

However, any commercial dishwasher of the type found here in our shop can also clean glassware. These all-around washing machines are indispensable in modern kitchens.

What to Look for in a Commercial Dishwasher

In the course of shopping around for a new commercial dishwasher, there are three primary attributes to look for.

  • On-the-Job Efficiency
    The fastest and most reliable commercial dishwashers have a competitive edge in the industry. You want your machine to hold as many dirty dishes and wares as possible – and then to be able to clean them quickly. Of course, speed isn’t worth much if the dishes aren’t getting clean, so you need a quality machine that offers a thorough cleaning. Begin by determining what and how many dishes your kitchen goes through during peak periods, and select your machine accordingly. The staff at Warewashing Solutions can assist with this selection process.
  • Ease of Use
    Any commercial dishwasher worth its salt is going to score high in the ease-of-use category. There’s always going to be reasonable turnover in the kitchen staff of Australia, and it’s important that your newly hired dishwasher is able to quickly learn how to operate your establishment’s dishwasher machine. The more intuitive it is to operate, the less time you’ll need to waste training staff. Ideally, you want a machine with ‘set it and forget it’ capabilities. All the dishwasher needs to do in this case is slide in the racks and press a button.
  • Sanitation Standards
    The food safety standards set out by Safe Food Australia establish certain criteria for commercial dishwashers and the level of sanitation they should be able to achieve when cleaning dishes. When these standards are observed, implements that have been washed will be clean, sanitary and sterile. The problem is that not all warewashers live up to these standards. But at Warewashing Solutions, all of our commercial dishwashers are manufactured in accordance with the prevailing food safety standards. You can shop confidently with us.

Here’s How We Classify Commercial Dishwashers

There are several ways to classify and distinguish between commercial-grade dishwashers. At Warewashing Solutions, we group our commercial dishwashers for sale into the following four categories:

  • Gravity Drain
    Gravity Drain dishwashers are fitted with a drain hose at the rear of the machine, and it needs to be positioned lower than the rest of the dishwasher. Nothing more than the force of gravity is necessary to drain the water from these machines.
  • Economy Range
    Dishwashers in our range of economy dishwashers are equipped with all of the following features:
    • Drain pumps
    • Thermostop function
    • 500×500 racks
    • Multiple cycle time

Some also have other features in addition to these.

  • Premium Range
    Our premium dishwashers begin with all of the standard features from our economy range. In addition to that, they are also equipped with a host of extra features, including the following:
    • Rinse pumps
    • Double racking capability
    • Reverse osmosis compatibility

Depending on the model, other features may be available. Click through on a premium washing machine that interests you to learn more about its specific offerings.

  • Compact Range
    The dish washing machines in our compact range have been specifically designed to deliver a feature-rich washing experience without taking up a lot of space. They’re ideal for small venues where floor space comes at a premium.

Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Dishwasher

Securing the best commercial dishwasher to suit your company is really only a matter of matching a machine’s specs to your operations. Of course, this is a lot easier when you know the industry inside out and have an in-depth knowledge of each ware-washer available.

But never fear – the team at Warewashing Solutions is ready to assist. We’re experts in our field and can help you take all of the variables into account. For example, if your budget is tight, we’ll guide you to a no-frills, high-value machine that can keep up with your projected throughput of dirty dishes.

Likewise, all you have to do is let us know which features you value the most. We can easily tell you which machines are known for, say, quiet operation versus high-capacity loads, or minimal loading requirements versus high configurability.

If you’re not sure precisely what your needs are, begin by getting in touch with us. We help customers find the perfect commercial dishwasher machines for their purposes on a daily basis, and we’re eager to do the same for you. You can contact us through the website for more information, or call us directly on 1300 217 411 to learn more.

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