Commercial Grade Dishwashing Machines & Commercial Dishwashers For Sale

Are you looking for the best commercial dishwasher for your application, site and budget!

Commercial Dish Washer – suitable for the smallest cafe right up to large turnover restaurants, school canteens, function centres and also dishwashers suitable for school, home technology classrooms and corporate offices. Here at Warewashing Solutions we believe that buying a dishwasher is not just one size fits all, meaning not every dishwasher is suitable for every application.      Call us to discuss your options 1300 217 411

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Under Bench / Under Counter Commercial Dishwashers

Dishwashers utilising 500 x 500 mm racks – Just click on the dishwasher image & you will be taken straight to the product page of that item, or for the basics, you can click on the green button below the images.


These dishwashers include – drain pumps, thermostop function, 500 x 500 racks, multiple cycle times. Some models also have additional features and functions

WS-Norris Bantam 10 amp commercial dishwasher
Eswood SmartWash 500 Commercial Dishwasher
WS-Norris IM5
WS-Washtech XU Dishwasher
WS-Norris CafeMate Dishwasher
WS-Norris CafeMaster Dishwasher
WS-B42PN Dishwasher
WS-ECOMAX 503 Dishwasher
Meiko UPster U Underbench Dishwasher


SilverChef Rent Try Buy
Flexi Commercial link


These dishwashers include – all of the inclusions of the ecomomy range + additional features such as rinse pumps, double racking, reverse osmosis compatability .

Some models also have additional features and functions

WS-UD Washtech Dishwasher
WS-Sammic X50 Dishwasher
WS-Norris AP500 Dishwasher
WS-EcoMax Plus F515
WS-Washtech UL Dishwasher
WS-Washtech UL with Black stainless panels
WS-Profi FX Dishwasher
WS-MEIKO UM+ Dishwasher
WS-MEIKO UL Tray Dishwasher


These dishwashers include all of the features of the big guys with the exception that they take less space by utilising a smaller dish rack.

So when you need a dishwasher but are pretty tight with space – why not give one of these a try

WS-Eswood SmartWash 400 Compact Dishwasher
WS-Eswood SmartWash 400 Compact Dishwasher
WS-Fagor CO-402 Compact Dishwasher
WS-Washtech GL Compact Dishwasher
WS-Washtech XV Economy Compact Dishwasher


Gravity drain dishwashers require the drain hose at the rear to be lower than the dishwasher (refer image)

gravity drain dishwasher

Looking after our environment!

There are now fewer Gravity Drain machines being manufactured with most of the manufacturers opting for the convenience of the drain pump models plus the power & water saving provided by these options

Optional Accessories

Dishwasher Racks

dishwasher racks & accessories

Plate insertsplate inserts

Detergents & chemicals

Det & chems image