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Have You Been Searching for a Commercial Glass Washer for Sale?

Working in a bar or restaurant environment is extremely fast-paced and sometimes stressful, but life can be made much easier for everyone when there is a steady stream of clean new glasses available as and when they are required. As a result, a commercial bar glass washer is an indispensable piece of equipment to have on hand for busy spells.

Here at Warewashing Solutions, we are proud to be one of Australia’s leading specialists in the kitchen equipment industry. Our commercial glass washers are popular with a great variety of different businesses, from pubs, bars and clubs, to cafes, restaurants and many other venues. And thanks to the fact that we stock such a great variety of different industrial glass washer products, business owners can be sure that they will be able to find something suitable for their particular venue amidst our excellent range.

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Over the twenty years since we began trading, we have built strong relationships with some of the best manufacturers from across Australia and the wider globe, and our team of highly trained and experienced professionals carefully work to make sure that the highest possible standards of quality and value are met in each and every product we sell.

Get Your Commercial Glass Washer at Warewashing Solutions

Thanks to the fact that all of our products can be ordered online and shipped to your location, wherever you happen to be in Australia, you can be sure that the whole process of finding and purchasing your new investment will be easier and more convenient than ever before when you choose to buy a commercial glass washer here at Warewashing Solutions.

But if you find that you are unsure which product is the right fit for your particular business, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We pride ourselves on service as well as quality products, and we are always happy to discuss a customer’s business and the challenges it faces on a daily basis, in order to enable us to provide detailed and personalised advice and guidance that is tailored to your business. And if you require any further advice or information after your purchase, we are always available to help – in fact, if you live in the Sydney area, you can even buy your ongoing supply of high temp glass washer chemicals from our online store too!
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Professional Glasswashers

Premium Glasswashers

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If your dishwasher will not be used for a while – i.e. a couple of weeks or longer, then follow these tips to keep it in the best condition for when you need it again.


If your dishwasher has not been used in a while then you should follow these procedures to get started up again


If your glass or dishwasher is showing a white scale on the insides, then you can be sure that this scale is also building up in the pipes, hoses, wash/rinse arms & also adding extra strain to your element – keep your machine in tip top condition by running a regular descale treatment – this will save you time & money.


& if you are in the Sydney Metro Region, you can purchase your De-Scale Solution from our Detergents & Chemicals page at just $32.00 + GST per 5L bottle

NON-Recirculating Glasswashers

Question mark iconDid you know!

A NON-RECIRCULATING glasswasher uses MORE WATER per cycle and is less energy efficient than RECIRCULATING glass washers

PORTABLE Glass Washers

WS Glass SPA – your compact / portable glass washer

Glass-Spa - your portable glasswasher

– Uses water pressure from regular tap or hose

– No power consumption
– Water Saving – up to 70% compared to manual washing in sink
– Removes lipsticks and grease perfectly with cold water
– Washing capacity – approx 600 glasses per hour

Instruction sheet: Glass-spa

Glass Spa Demo

With access to a large range of glass washers from the major brands we are here to ensure you get the right glassware cleaning machine for your requirements…

We offer on-site consultation within the Sydney Metro area, or if you are out of town, then we can discuss your requirements over the phone with a few simple questions to hit the mark.

Did you know: Some current model glass washers can also be used as a compact dishwasherPlease ask our staff if your selection would be suitable.

image of Gravity drainimage of Drain Pump machine

Gravity drain glass washers require the drain hose and point to be lower than the machine, whilst Glass washers with drain pumps can use the plumbing “S”trap

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Note: Equipment dimensions may change without notice in accordance with the manufacturer’s product design and development

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