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Sammic – X41 Glass Washer / Compact dishwasher

X-41B DD15 AMP Power Required

  • For washing glasses, cups, cutlery and small plates
  • 3 wash cycles 90 / 120 / 150 + optional final cold rinse
  • Dimensions:mm 470 w x 535 d x 710 H
  • Rack size: 400 x 400 mm
  • Double skinned door with high efficiency seal, ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Precision positioned water jets guarantee optimum washing result for even the most stubbornly stained glasses
  • A double filter system provides effective wash pump protection that is easily removed (for maintenance and cleaning) and replaced, without tools
  • Comes standard with drain pump and detergent & rinse aid dosing equipment
  • Rinse boiler temperature adjustment and a thermal cycle delay option, guaranteeing a minimum final rinse temperature of 85ºC for each and every rinse cycle


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Glasswasher X-41

400 x 400mm racks. Max. loading height: 280mm

Top + bottom wash arms. 3 wash cycles. Cold rinse facility. Option of built-in water softener.
    • For washing glasses, cups, cutlery and small plates.


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