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WS-SW400 Glasswasher

The SmartWash 400 glasswasher / compact dishwasher can fit neatly into a cupboard space making it suitable for areas tight on space…
• Drain pump fitted as standard
• Wash chamber generous height of 325 mm high15 AMP Power Required
• Digital display for wash & rinse temperatures
• One touch control.
• 3 wash cycles. 60 / 90 / 120seconds
• water consumption – 1.9 litres / cycle
• Automatic Rinse aid & detergent dosing.
• top & bottom wash & rinse arms.
• 15 amp power, single phase
• Self cleaning cycle.
• Self- diagnostic system for accurate fault finding
• Supplied with 430 x 360mm (17 x 14″) glass rack, will also take 14 x 14″ and 400 x 400 mm dish rack
• Ext Dimensions – 435mm w x 530mm d x 690mm h
• weight 40  kgs
• Default equipment: power cord, water & drainage hoses, rinse aid and detergent pumps. Simple and quick installation, no commissioning required.

WS-SW400 Product sheet


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Eswood SMARTWASH 400

Glasswasher – Ext Dimensions – 435mm w x 530mm d x 690mm h


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