Eswood Commercial Dishwasher

ESWOOD Glasswasher range

The Eswood range of under counter glass washers include the locally manufactured  IW3N, B42GN and UC25NG and also the Italian made Smartwash 400

Eswood B42GN

B42GN Recirculating Glasswasher

Eswood UC25NG glasswasher

UC25NG Recirculating Glasswasher

Eswood Smartwash 400 glasswasher

SW 400 Recirculating Glasswasher

Eswood IW3N Non recirculating glasswasher

Eswood IW3N Glasswasher

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ESWOOD Under Counter dishwasher range

The Eswood range of under counter dishwashers include the locally manufactured B42PN and UC25N  and also the Italian made Smartwash 500

Eswood B42PN Dishwasher

B42PN Compact Dishwasher

Eswood UC25N Dishwasher

UC25N Heavy duty Dishwasher

Eswood SmartWash 500 commercial dishwasher

SmartWash 500 Dishwasher

Eswood SmartWash 400 Compact Dishwasher

SW 400 COMPACT Dishwasher

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ESWOOD Pass Through dishwasher range

The Eswood range of Pass through dishwashers include the locally manufactured ES25 / ES32 / ES50   and also the Italian made Smartwash 900 / 900X & 900V

Eswood ES25 Pass Through Dishwasher

ES25 Pass Through Dishwasher. Single Phase Power. Also available with drain & rinse pumps

Eswood ES32 Pass Through Dishwasher

ES32 Pass Through Dishwasher 3 Phase Power.  Also available with drain & rinse pumps

Eswood ES50 Pass Through Dishwasher

ES50 Pass Through Dishwasher. 3 Phase power. Also available with rinse and drain pump

Eswood SmartWash 900 Pass Through Dishwasher

SmartWash 900X Touch control Pass through dishwasher also available with heat recovery

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ESWOOD Pot / Utensil range

The Eswood range of Pot, Pan, Tray & Utensil washers are all locally manufactured – UT20 / UT20P / UT20H

Eswood UT0 pot and utensil washer

UT20 Pot, pan, tray and Utensil washer. rack & opening size: mm – 600w x 610d x 650h

Eswood UT20P Pass Through Pot / Utensil Dishwasher

UT20P – Automatic Pot and Utensil washer – Pass Through Model

Eswood UT20H - Tall Chamber Pot and Utensil washer

UT20H – Tall Chamber Pot, pan, tray and utensil washer. 3 Phase power.

Eswood Pot washer dimensions

Dimension drawing for all 3 models.
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Note: Equipment dimensions may change without notice in accordance with the manufacturer’s product design and development

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Whatever your business, be it fine dining, cafe, restaurant, function centre, coffee shop, Child care centre, office or home.. with a glass or dishwasher from the Warewashing Solutions range you will be on top of your ware washing.

Eswood Commercial Dishwasher and other Equipment

In a busy kitchen environment where every second counts, you need to know that your dishwasher is reliable enough to handle whatever you throw its way. While there are many big brands competing for attention in the industrial dishwasher space, few have the same golden reputation or proven track record as Eswood.

Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, Eswood makes a variety of quality products that have been carefully engineered to meet all your dishwashing needs. Read on to learn more about this leading local brand and find out whether an Eswood dishwasher is right for you.

The History of Eswood

Eswood started from humble beginnings way back in 1911, when the company first began building soda fountains and ice-cream cabinets in Sydney. The company has continued to diversify its product line over the years, and today the Eswood name has come to be synonymous with quality industrial cleaning and cooking products.

Built for Efficiency

As sustainability continues to play an increasingly important role, businesses across every sector are looking for ways to reduce their ecological footprint. Whether you opt for a pass-through, undercounter or glasswasher model, you’ll be pleased to know that Eswood dishwashers excel in this regard and have been specifically designed to minimise water and energy consumption. This helps you keep overheads low while enabling you to do your part for the environment without compromising on performance.

Designed with Simplicity in Mind

From the inside out, all Eswood dishwashers are designed to make the user experience as streamlined as possible. All products in the New Smartwash Range boast one-touch control panels that show wash and rinse temperatures, which allow you to more easily comply with HACCP food safety procedures. Many models also include a self-diagnostic system, enabling you to identify potential issues and keep maintenance costs down.

Physically, the dishwashers are sleek and make efficient use of space – invaluable properties for kitchens where space is at a premium – while the double-skinned door design of many models helps reduce sound and heat transfer.

Top Notch Customer Service

Just about every product will function decently in the days following installation, but what happens further down the track? Simply put, you need to know that your dishwasher manufacturer will provide you with the ongoing support you need to run your business efficiently.

Eswood knows the importance of great customer service, which is why the company provides a full twelve month warranty on all products. In addition, Eswood also guarantees to stock spare parts for at least ten years from the time of purchase, giving you the ultimate peace of mind should issues arise in the future. Few international brands are able to offer the same level of support and access to parts.

If you’re thinking about investing in an Eswood industrial dishwasher, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 1300 217 411 for more information, or fill out our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.