Norris Commercial Dishwasher

NORRIS Cold Water Connection dishwasher range

Connect to COLD WATER & SAVE

Norris Cold Water connection Fast Response Info


Norris New AP SERIES

Fast Response

Connect to Cold Water and Save

Norris AP500 Commercial dishwasher with cold water connection


AP500 Cold Water Connection Fast Response Dishwasher. 15 Amp Power.

Norris AP750 Cold Water Connection Pass Through Dishwasher

AP750 Fast Response Cold Water Connection Pass Through Dishwasher – 3 phase Power.

Norris AP2500 Fast Response Pass through dishwasher

AP2500 Pass through dishwasher. Fast Response – Cold Water Connection – 3 Phase Power

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NORRIS Glasswasher range

The Norris range of under counter glass washers include the locally manufactured GlassMate and also the Italian made CRYSTALCLEAR Reverse osmosis and the IM17

Norris GlassMate Non recirculating glasswasher

GlassMate NON-Recirculating Glasswasher

Norris CRYSTALCLEAR glasswasher

*CRYSTALCLEAR*   Reverse osmosis glasswasher

Norris IM17 glasswasher

IM17 Recirculating Glasswasher

Glass washer detergent available

Glass washer detergent

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Norris Under Counter Dishwasher Range.

The Norris range of under counter dishwashers include the extremely popular Cafe series and the Madison Range


making coffee
Norris CafeMate Dishwasher

CafeMate AWC Dishwasher

Norris CafeMaster Dishwasher

CafeMaster AWC


Norris Bantam 10AMP commercial dishwasher

Bantam 10AMP Dishwasher

   The NORRIS BANTAM is ideal when you do not have access to 15 AMP power. Manufactured to run on standard 10 AMP power, you could even put this in your home kitchen and have your washing up done in 3 minutes!

Norris IM5 commercial dishwasher

IM5 15 AMP Dishwasher

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NORRIS Pass Through dishwasher range

The Norris range of Pass through dishwashers include the locally manufactured BT700 / BT600 / BT2000   and also the Italian made IM7 and IM20

Norris BT700 MK1 Pass Through Dishwasher

BT700/3 AWC  Pass Through Dishwasher. 3 Phase Power.

Norris BT600 AWC Pass Through Dishwasher

BT600 AWC Pass Through Dishwasher 15 Amp Single phase Power.

Norris IM7 Pass Through Dishwasher

IM7 Pass Through Dishwasher. 3 Phase power.

Norris IM20 Pass through dishwasher

IM20 Pass through dishwasher. 3 Phase Power

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Note: Equipment dimensions may change without notice in accordance with the manufacturer’s product design and development


Commercial Dishwashers and Glasswashers from Norris

Proudly made in Australia since 1954, Norris has grown into a highly regarded brand for commercial dishwashers. With a large manufacturing headquarters in NSW, Norris provide specialist dishwashers around the world, and are known for creating high quality, innovative products. More than just ordinary commercial dishwashers, Norris’s range is packed with features that are ideal for busy kitchens, to ensure you never run out of dishes. Because Norris are an Australian company, their machines are designed for local conditions, ensuring all their models are reliable at the busiest of times.

The Cafe Range

coffee shop image

coffee shop

Designed especially for small to medium commercial kitchens, the Cafe Range from Norris includes the CafeMaster and CafeMate. Compact, yet able to wash plates up to 30cm, these machines can wash up to 600 plates per hour, or 30 racks. As the name suggests, these dishwashers are popular in cafes and small restaurants, where space is at a premium as they can be installed under a counter. With features such as automatic dispensing detergents, easy push button operation and 60 to 300 second wash cycles, these dishwashers are ideal for a range of catering environments.

If you don’t have access to 15 AMP power, then the Norris Bantam dishwasher is another solution for smaller commercial environments. These under-counter dishwashers run on standard 10 AMP power, as found in most households, yet offer quick wash cycles and a high capacity, without taking up much space. At Warewashing Solutions, we can help you decide the best dishwasher to suit your needs, depending on the space and power available, with the capacity you need.

Pass-through dishwashers from Norris

Norris IM7 Pass Through dishwasher

Norris offer a selection of high-capacity pass-through dishwashers made in Australia or Italy. If you are considering a Norris commercial dishwasher and will be dealing with a large number of dishes, then it’s worth considering a pass-through model. Some of the advantages of Norris’s pass-through dishwashers include:

  • Racks at counter height, so there’s no bending and lifting
  • Easy to operate press and simple button operation
  • Wash cycles between 60 and 120 seconds
  • Thermostat to ensure proper sanitation
  • Ability to wash up to 1000 plates an hour, depending on model


Small cafes and bars might find one of Norris’s glasswashers to be their ideal dishwasher solution. Although glasswashers are mostly designed to clean glasses, some of them can also be used for cups and small plates, so are handy for catering environments where a limited range is served. However, they still manage to pack in all the great features of the Norris range and can handle hundreds of glasses per hour.

There is a range of glasswashers in the Norris range, including under-bench options, and these models have double skinned walls to reduce noise. This means in smaller premises, they can be placed under a bar or other front of house area, without causing disruption. Some of these appliances offer cycles as short as 30 seconds, ideal for pubs or bars who need a quick turnaround, and a cold rinse can be selected so that glasses can be used straight out of the machine.

washed drining glasses

Warranty and servicing

Norris is well-known for its quality products, and that’s why their appliances come with a great warranty package of two years parts and labour on their Australian-made machines. This gives you peace of mind when you invest in one of these machines for commercial use. Buying a Norris dishwasher from Warewashing Solutions also means we can recommend a tradesperson for installation and servicing, ensuring your machine works at its best.

Choosing the right model

If you’re unsure of which Norris model will suit your needs, then we can help. We offer on-site consultations in the Sydney area, so we can assess which model will work best, or can offer advice over the phone, as well as providing staff training and advice on the best way to use your machine. Our experts are also easy to reach by phone or e-mail, and we can arrange shipping across Australia, with excellent aftercare service and technical advice.Read More

Norris Dishwashers — Commercial Versions Essential for Catering Businesses

If you have a catering business, a high-quality Norris commercial dishwasher is one piece of equipment you can’t do without. It’s much more efficient and faster than a domestic machine and works at much higher temperatures to ensure cutlery, crockery and utensils are completely clean and free of bacteria. And using a domestic machine in a commercial environment will almost certainly invalidate its warranty andwhich means you can’t claim if it goes wrong.

There are various types of Norris glasswashers and dishwashers available so you can choose the best ones for your particular needs. We have many years of experience and a broad knowledge of the catering industry so we can help to ensure you make the right choice for your business.

Norris Commercial Dishwasher Types

The kind of dishwasher you require will generally depend on the type and size of your business, which will determine what you have to wash and how quickly you need to do it. They fall into a few basic types:

  • Under-counter models that are reasonably compact, fit in where space is limited and are ideal for small catering establishments. They are loaded and emptied from the front with the door opened so are easy to access and clean, have a cycle time of around three minutes and can typically wash up to 500 plates per hour. Some smaller models handle only small plates and crockery typically used in cafes while larger ones with higher capacity are better for restaurants.
  • Pass-through dishwashers can handle from 600 to 1,200 plates per hour depending on size and are suitable for large commercial operations. The process is similar to under-counter versions but a pull-down hood leads to a more ergonomic process while faster loading and more efficient processing speed up the operation.
  • Pot / Utensil washers
  • Conveyor dishwashers are the most efficient of all and can wash between 1,700 and 2,300 plates each hour. They are often referred to as rack dishwashers because racks are loaded with crockery and then go on a conveyor through a large washing chamber. Some also incorporate a drying chamber so that crockery is available for re-use within minutes, making the machines ideal for large-scale and busy catering operations.

Help and Advice for Best Results

Getting the best dishwasher for your business usually requires a hard look at your operation to achieve the right outcome. For example, a Norris commercial glasswasher has different features from a dishwasher, and you may need both if you have a mixture of items to clean. Commercial dishwashers are designed to process really dirty crockery and to clean and sanitise it efficiently while many glasswashers now have a soft start toprotect your delicate glassware.

You may also need to consider the location of your dishwasher in relation to other equipment, and to the loading and unloading tables that need to be separate for maximum efficiency and to avoid cross-contamination. We can arrange a site survey if necessary and can provide all the help and advice you need, as well as detergents and other consumables. With our support, your catering business will be much more efficient as well as hygienic.Read Less

With over 20 years’ experience, Warewashing Solutions can help you find the right Norris dishwasher to suit your needs. Simply call our specialist team on 1300 217 411 to find out more about the range.