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HOUNO Visual Cooking 1.06

Size matters in small kitchens.

That’s why our CombiSlim ovens only measure 51.3 cm in width. These combi ovens are ideal for small-scale kitchens or for satellite kitchens in combination with our Visual Cooking ovens.

CombiSlim ovens are available in 3 sizes that use 1/1 GN or 2/3 GN trays.

Your CombiSlim oven

  • 6-tray combi oven (1/1 GN, 20/40 mm) or
  • 4 tray combi oven (1/1 GN, 65mm U)
  • Electricity
  • Injection steam
  • SmartTouch® or Standard selection dial interface
  • 2-piece rack
  • Temperature probe

Cooking modes

  • Hot air (Convection)
  • Steaming
  • Low-temperature steaming
  • Forced steaming
  • CombiSmart® humidity control, 10 steps
  • Cook & Regen
  • Proving, with automatic humidification
  • Preheating
  • Automatic cooling function
  • Manual humidity pulsing
  • Reversing, adjustable fan with 9 speeds


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