The Winterhalter PT Series

PT Series pass-through dishwashers guarantee perfect cleaning results in the shortest time thanks to their innovative features. Additionally, these machines provide maximum efficiency in the kitchen.

With a choice of 4 different models, the PT Series offers many features and options to suit your requirements

The innovative design of the PT Series machines guarantees top performance for perfect cleaning results – brilliant, fast and efficient.

Machine models PT-M, PT-L, PT-XL and PT-500

Winterhalter PT EnergyPlus Series.
Maximum efficiency, optimal kitchen climate.

The PT- EnergyPlus pass-through dishwasher is equipped with a large waste water heat exchanger and an additional exhaust air heat exchanger.

This combination ensures maximum efficiency and optimal climate in the kitchen.

While the exhaust air heat exchanger converts the warm water vapour into energy, the waste water heat exchanger uses the temperature of the waste water to heat the cold inlet water.

The Energy Plus heat recovery permanently reduces your operating costs, improves the kitchen climate and also reduces the power consumption of the machine.

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