The Winterhalter UC Series is available in 4 different versions depending on your needs and on-site requirements.

The glass washer, dish washer, bistro washer all offer 3 washing programs & the cutlery washer has 1 program.Winterhalter UC Series

Standard Range Dimensions            /   Energy Range Dimensions

UC-S  460mm W x 603mm D x 725-760mm H / UC-S – Energy – 460mm W x 603mm D x 810-820mm H

UC-M 600mm W x 603mm D x 725-760mm H / UC-M – Energy – 600mm W x 603mm D x 810-820mm H

UC-L  600mm W x 603mm D x 820-850mm H / UC-L – Energy – 600mm W x 603mm D x 905-940mm H

UC-XL 600mm W x 637mm D x 820-850mm H / UC-M – Energy – 600mm W x 637mm D x 905-940mm H

THE TOUCHSCREEN – the operating, communication and control platform for kitchen staff, chefs, managers and service technicians. Simply tap the relevant dish icon to choose your program.

Winterhalter integrated chemical doserIntegrated detergent and rinse aid containers save space and are easy to access.

  • Easy to refill
  • No additional space required for containers

VARIOPOWER – variable water pressure adjustment

  • Perfect wash results for the types of dishes you are washing

All units are backed by Winterhalter’s 2 year parts and labour warranty.

To find out more, or want help deciding on the best size or configuration for your requirements, simply call us on 1300 217 411 or complete the form at the bottom of the page.


Winterhalter Excellence-i Series – NOW AVAILABLE

The NEW UC Excellence-i Series takes the UC-S and UC-M machines and adds built in reverse osmosis. With a fully integrated water treatment process to deliver flawless, polish free wash results every time.

The Excellence-iPlus range also feature an integrated water softener. To customise wash programs, switch to RO water for glassware and then to softened water for dishes.


No more polishing. Brilliance inside.

The integrated reverse osmosis device AT Excellence-i makes it easy to run under counter warewashers with osmosis water even in narrow counter areas. Because the reverse osmosis system is fully integrated into the UC-S / UC-M,  the space requirement is only limited by the dimensions of the warewasher.

The UC Excellence- i delivers a perfect combination of under counter warewasher and reverse osmosis. The water treatment process is fully integrated into the wash process to deliver flawless wash results everytime.

When it comes to longer wash breaks, the AquaOpt function prevents the return of salt deposits and the negative impact this has on the washing result. Optimum water is always used when washing to achieve the best wash result.

The warewasher’s touch display is used to control communication and the operation of UC Excellence-i devices. The operational status is shown on the display – this allows immediate reaction to faults.

The legally required water safety device (WSD) is already built into the device. Just connect power and water and the warewasher is ready to go. This doesn’t involve additional installation work or extra costs.

UC Excellence-iPlus models are fitted with an integrated softener. Thanks to the VarioAqua function, various water qualities can be stored in the washing programs. Glasses can, for example, be washed with osmosis water and dishes with softened water. Additionally the integrated softener provides softened water when filling and self-cleaning. Osmosis water is subsequently used for the first wash onwards. The softener increases the life span of the osmosis membrane and the performance. A plus in the economic efficiency of the UC Excellence-iPlus.”

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To find out more, or want help deciding on the best size or configuration for your requirements, simply call us on 1300 217 411 or complete the form below.

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