* The filter of your dishwasher may be blocked. Remove and clean all the filters.
* The drainage pump may be blocked. (see info below) * Your drain hose may be blocked. Check that it is not crushed or bent.
* The spigot point on the S-Trap may be blocked. Check and clear the blockage.
* If your kitchen sink isn’t draining either it may be a blocked drain.
* Please consult your dishwashers manual.

If the drain pump is not working it may be blocked by a larger object that stops the pump from turning. Sometimes by using a plunger over the dishwasher drain point, it is enough to dislodge the blockage. By then turning on the drain pump, it may force the blockage away.
Drain pump blockages are one of the most common dishwasher service problems – if the filters are always in place correctly during operation it should not get blocked. Pre rinsing / pre scraping reduces the problem from occurring.