In an industry (mainly) committed to hedonistic pleasure, I am constantly impressed by the number of philanthropic events or campaigns that not only spring up, but are seized upon with enthusiasm by members of the foodservice industry.
We have a wide-reaching platform and an easy sell – who doesn’t like eating and drinking? – so its great to see so many people using it to help raise money and awareness or support people in need.
Two charitable ventures cheered my heart this week. Firstly, to coincide with Mental Health Month, cafes in Sydney are being given stickers with messages of support to send out on takeaway coffee cups. Secondly, Victorian chefs have contributed recipes to a crowd-funded cookbook that aims to raise money for agriculture projects in Nepal.
These are just two in the plethora of philanthropic happenings that offer us all a chance to do something good and give something back. We try and share these on our website, so keep your eyes peeled and get involved!
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Sarah Rees
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