Do you need a glass washer but are unsure of what would be best for your situation?

At Warewashing Solutions we have glass washers to suit:
Pubs | Clubs | Restaurants | Cafes | Corporate Bars | Wine Bars | Cellar Doors
and any other situation that needs to clean glassware quickly…

Check out the selection of glass washers below for basic info or contact us direct for more info, quotes & availability.

Professional Glasswashers

WS-SW400 Eswood Glasswasher
WS-B42GN Eswood Glasswasher
WS-IM17 Norris Glasswasher Recirculating
WS-Washtech XG Glass washer
WS-UP400 UPster Glasswasher
WS-Hobart EcoMax 404 Glasswasher
WS-X41 Sammic Glasswasher

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Premium Glasswashers

WS-Mi-Clean US Meiko Glasswasher
WS-Meiko M-iClean UM Glasswasher
WS-GL Washtech Premium Glasswasher
WS-GM Washtech Glasswasher
WS-Plus G403 Glasswasher
WS-Profi CG Hobart Premium Glasswasher
WS-Profi CG Hobart Premium Glasswasher
WS-GCROI-90A Profi CG Compact Glasswasher - integrated reverse Osmosis
WS-Norris Crystal Clear Glasswasher

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NON-Recirculating Glasswashers

WS-IW3N Glass washer
WS-GE - Washtech Glass washer
WS-Glassmate 10amp
WS-Glassmate 15amp non recirculating glasswasher

Question mark iconDid you know!

A NON-RECIRCULATING glasswasher uses MORE WATER per cycle and is less energy efficient than a RECIRCULATING glass washers

Portable Glass Washers

WS Glass SPA – your compact / portable glass washer

Glass-Spa - your portable glasswasher

– Uses water pressure from regular tap or hose

– No power consumption
– Water Saving – up to 70% compared to manual washing in sink
– Removes lipsticks and grease perfectly with cold water
– Washing capacity – approx 600 glasses per hour

Instruction sheet: Glass-spa

With access to a large range of glass washers from the major brands we are here to ensure you get the right glassware cleaning machine for your requirements…

We offer on-site consultation within the Sydney Metro area, or if you are out of town, then we can discuss your requirements over the phone with a few simple questions to hit the mark.

Did you know: Some current model glass washers can also be used as a light duty dishwasherPlease ask our staff if your selection would be suitable.

image of Gravity drainimage of Drain Pump machine

Gravity drain glass washers require the drain hose and point to be lower than the machine, whilst Glass washers with drain pumps can use the plumbing “S”trap

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Flexi Commercial - SilverChef

Warewashing Solutions partner with the 2 major Catering finance companies to bring you every opportunity to get the equipment you need up and running sooner

Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy® Solution allows businesses to rent their equipment for a minimum of 12 months and with the option of purchasing at anytime with a 75% rental rebate.

Free up your working capital and remember, your rental payments are fully tax-deductible.

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With Flexi Commercial business can choose between an operating lease and a finance lease.

At the end of an operating lease term, you can upgrade to new technology, extend the lease, make an offer to purchase or simply return the equipment.

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