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Norris Crystal Clear RO Glasswasher

Norris -CrystalClear  Reverse Osmosis Glasswasher15 AMP Power Required

90, 120 and 150 second cycles
Dimensions:mm  466W x 560D x 687 H or 830-890 H with legs
High wash chamber – 295mm
Recycle wash system, using 1.2L per cycle
Pump out drain
Up to 24 loads per hour*
Automatic detergent injection
Automatic rinse aid injection
Double skinned door
Easy clean pressed wash chamber
Suitable for low water pressure areas
Minimum rinse temperature cut out
240V AC / 50Hz – 15 amp

*Dependant on incoming water*

The Wash Phase
The wash process incorporates two power wash systems, the DuoFlo pump and EquaLizer2, these systems guarantee an intense and balanced powerful wash whilst minimises power consumption, keeping the water temperature during the wash phase at an optimal 60°C.
The Rinse Phase
Controlling the rinse process is UltraRinse2, a patented technology that promotes a drastic reduction in consumption through efficient, effective use of rinse water. The system comprises an open boiler and rinse pump which guarantees constant pressure, delivery and temperature and also constant hygiene and results. Delivering the optimal rinse temperature for crystal glassware at 65°C.


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Norris -WS-Crystal Clear Glasswasher

CRYSTALCLEAR eliminates manual polishing of Glasses, thus reducing times & labour costs and above all avoiding accidental breakages.

Additional information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 575 × 605 × 820 cm


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